By Request

March 30, 2008

It was brought to my attention that one thing, one key component, was missing from this page. So, Kevin, enjoy the pictures of the kids!!!


Not quite what you were thinking? You have to admit they are cute though and I’m afraid they will have to do for now!!! Hopefully any kids we have will bear some semblance to us…these three seem to have taken after Indy!

I Think We’ll Keep Her

March 25, 2008

She fit in his palm and snuggled her wet little nose into his chest, handing out kisses that were perfectly timed. Her tears had only lightly stained her puppy face giving the appearance of a light blush on her cheeks. How could he say no?

He couldn’t. It is evident she loves K and I think the feeling is mutual. There have been few times since that first day where she has been so sweet, but occasionally she manages to come close.

Like when I found them sound asleep the other day. Or when I was sick and she wanted to be too.




Imagine Our Surprise

March 22, 2008

To walk outside one day last summer and be greeted by none other than Ricky Bobby himself. He stuck around for most of the morning but was gone by supper.



Picky Eater

March 21, 2008


This is what I found after giving Indy a bit of beef broth on her typically dry food. She had taken one piece out at a time, licked off the broth and spit it back out on the floor beside her bowl. Unbelievable!

These lyrics and the verse they were inspired by have been running through my head over and over and over and over…and my heart is overjoyed!

Even the faith I have to sing
Halle, halle, hallelujah to my King
It’s freely given
That I might not boast in myself but Him

(Shane & Shane; Saved by Grace)

For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of GodĀ (Ephesians 2:8)

It was a normal Monday off as far as he knew. And yes, somehow these are normal. Sometimes far too normal for the working wife to understand! But an Oscar-worthy performance the night before complete with all sorts of sadness, pitifulness, and maybe an extra dose of bellyaching guaranteed he wasn’t onto me.

Wake up early…check. This was to fulfill the part of my performance where I convinced him I had to be at work even earlier than normal. Get ready and leave right on time…check. Arrive back at the front door with smoothies…check.

K: “Hey, you didn’t have to be at work early!” Nope. Surprise! Actually I don’t have to be at work at all.

K: “Why didn’t you just sleep in?” (he knows me too well). All a part of the plan K; all part of the execution!

So there we were, bright and early with the whole day ahead of us and K had a big decision to make. I had thought this through and gave a few suggestions including going here (we. love. this. place.) but after much deliberation he chose to go skiing. No, we hadn’t ever been. Yes, we do live in Missouri. Yes, St. Louis, Missouri. No, there aren’t any mountains in these parts. We went here. It was plenty a mountain for us!!

After 45 minutes of research on the risks and such involved, one trip to the store for waterproof gloves and other necessary items for proper layering, and one 20 minute car ride we were in line to buy our passes. Then off to the warehouse of boots and skis, we were basically professionals at getting our gear on. At least the boot part.

We decided to forgo lessons. How hard can it be, right? WRONG! Our skis didn’t actually go on until we were out on the snow. First clue we needed lessons – we (I) had no idea how to put these things on. Just after getting them on I decided these were now permanently attached to me as I hadn’t the slightest idea how to remove them and I panicked. It might have been a bit dramatic, but hey, who wants to go wandering through life or better yet down a mountain hill with these things on. And I hadn’t learned the pizza wedge trick yet.

After several pep talks from K to boost my confidence we headed to the bunny slope which for real mountain ski places would have probably been the hill we ended the day on but for us was the 2% grade incline just to the left of us. It was a conveyor belt style lift. I feel sorry for my groceries now because its not easy to ride and stay upright.

While eavesdropping on the instructors, we heard them telling the group of preschoolers about pizza wedges and french fries which we soon discovered is how you stop and go straight. Both very important bits of information. Unfortunately this was on the second trip down the hill.

We graduated from the bunny slope and made our way to what we’ll call the “lift-learning” hill. It might have been a 4-5% grade but with a rapidly moving motorized rope running alongside. Nice stranger girl taught us that you must stand with french fry skis beside it and when ready grab hold (VERY TIGHTLY) and it will kindly take you to the top of the incline where you must somehow manage to get out of the way of the fast-approaching skier behind you. Hard to do when you don’t know how to walk in your skis.

Which leads to K’s biggest challenge. Turns out by the end of the day he was a professional on the 150 yard run but he never did quite grasp the slower paced activities such as walking or turning. Numerous times his skis, knees, and hips ended up in positions that would’ve made professional skiers blush! Tears are filling up my eyes as the replays are playing in my head.

0 falls, 1 quarter found in the snow, 2 run-ins with kids (both head on, not my fault – I was stationary), 3 hours later and it was time to call it a day. Needless to say we had such a great time. So many laughs, so much fun, so many memories. I wish I had more pictures, or videos, or a transcript from that day as there was so much priceless comedy. If God is willing, it will replay in my mind for years!


One of the only pictures I was able to take.

We aren’t sure of the due date…in fact, we don’t even know who the father is. But we got news the other day that the most consistent of the stray cats that frequent our apartmenthood is going to have kittens. GRRREAT! Pardon me for my lack of excitement. I think coming face to face for the second time with a wild raccoon on our steps because of its interest in the cat food on our landing left me a little frustrated. Not to mention scared! I’m sure it was comical to watch me run as fast as I could down the stairs and out to the street, but don’t laugh, you’d have run too!

I’m off to plan the shower…


She bounded through the grass, legs barely long enough to lift her above the blades to walk so she jumped instead. She snuggled up behind Amy’s head, nose on one shoulder and tail narrowly reaching the other. Her first trip to Indiana was mostly spent sleeping here, in her own special bunk; the perfect size for this 4 pound puppy.


She’s grown since then! And is now, I’m convinced, in her teenage dog years. 1 year, 7 dog years, carry the 1; yep, that puts her at about 14. The other day she was in trouble for something (imagine that), she jumped up on the couch where we were and stood on the opposite end, nose facing the back corner. She just stood there. No response. None. We told her she could move. We called her name. We called her other names! Nothing. Every time something was said we would wait for her reaction and when nothing came we would look at each other and laugh harder which only lead to more comments. And then 4 minutes later she slowly turned her head around and stared right at us as if to say, “ugh, you’re so lame. seriously.”

Oh Indy!

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March 16, 2008

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