And we’re off…

April 30, 2008

We booked our very first vacation last weekend. It’s kind of a mini trip; a three-day weekend over my birthday and we’re excited. We figured it has been over four years since we planned our honeymoon and therefore it was indeed time. It’s not that we haven’t been anywhere…we’ve shared some great times with great people and loved every bit of Branson and Silver Dollar City, the cabin, Magnet along the river, camping in several parks, and sightseeing/doing things in this here city we live in…but we haven’t had a vacation so to speak. Which makes me wonder…what makes a trip a vacation? I just asked K and he couldn’t come up with an answer. And neither can I.

Twinkle, twinkle

April 27, 2008

I wrote the line below in the last entry. These are the thoughts that line conjured up in me!!

The stars showed up in force; a stark contrast to the stars seen on a clear night in the city.

Amazing isn’t it, how much you miss but think you’ve seen. I think about that with God sometimes. We marvel at what we know of Him because even a glimpse is great and awesome and amazing, but it may be just the equivalent of seeing the stars in the city. And if we venture out just a little further into the night sky or into relationship with God we realize the stars are more numerous, the greatness and power and love more deep and you begin to wonder how you were ever satisfied with just a glimpse of the city sky.

Weekend in the woods

April 26, 2008

In late March we escaped the city for a relaxing weekend in the woods with *frienamily*, and it was gorgeous. The stars showed up in force; a stark contrast to the stars seen on a clear night in the city. The next day was just as clear but a chill was in the air as the breeze swept through, creating a perfect environment for the kites. Diego and My Little Pony to be exact.

We sifted through countless rocks searching for that perfect one to skip. Found our equivalent of the most unique and most beautiful rocks then came together for show and tell. We stood still and listened to the water rushing by and we threw rocks in the rapids at other targets to see whose accuracy was best. I opted to be the photographer!

This is Diego. He got himself into several fixes, flying into trees, Diego-diving into the water, at times being upstaged by Pony. But at the end of the day he was high-flying.

Oh, and these two, they decided it would be a good idea to float down the creek. The outside temperature is shown below. It reads approximately 48 degrees. They are very proud of their decision.

This is shortly after emerging from the water and admitting that this might not have been their best decision to date. Apparently when you’re that cold you can’t even take the top off. They have since recanted on this not being their best decision and are once again proud of themselves.

And with lots of games, a delicious bowl (or two) of tortilla soup, and some 5 minute mysteries…we all called it a day.

*Yes, I made it up but they are definitely friends and K’s genealogy says they’re family…by a longshot and marriage yes…but nonetheless, I think frienamily works!!

Movin’ On

April 25, 2008

This morning, with the click of the mouse, we found out that K indeed passed his latest round of national boards. I’m one proud girl and he’s one happy guy!!

Just My Opinion

April 23, 2008

If you aren’t currently an Aldi shopper, might I encourage you to become one. There are several reasons. Like for instance the shopping carts, all neat and tidy in a row and not floating about the parking lot waiting to strike your car. Quick shopping lines due to scanners that actually scan. A double-back guarantee which, well, guarantees you don’t lose money if you go out on a limb to try a product and realize it wasn’t made with you in mind. But most of all, instances like this…

Exhibit A:

These were $0.99 in the Aldi produce aisle. Brand name, Dole strawberries. And do you know how much they cost elsewhere? $2.99. That is a difference of $2.00 just in case you didn’t know. And that is why we shop Aldi.

I’m off to eat my strawberries!!!


April 19, 2008

It wasn’t quite the same eye test. However, I failed nonetheless. I went to renew my driver’s license yesterday and when time for the eye test the conversation went like this.

“Please put your forehead on the bar and read line 5 left to right.”

Hesitantly, “L”

“Ma’am, they’re all numbers.”


**Insert laughter from the peanut gallery which included K, his parents, and the woman I knew two seats down**

“Can you read the middle?”

“Of course.” And I proceeded to ace that part. The woman then asked me if I could see the top line on the left. And I could. And I read it. 

“How about the second line?”

“No can do!!”

So I now have a “B” restriction which requires me to drive with sideview mirrors. No big deal. Well, unless your car’s passenger side rearview mirror fell off and you couldn’t attach it again…like ours did. Then it’s a little problem!  

Wayward Text Message

April 16, 2008

I will b going 2 jail again real soon! Just an fyi. I love u 😀

It’s a shame that the person this message was intended for will never receive it.

Unless one of you are going to jail. again. real soon. and just wanted to let me know! In which case, thanks for the heads up!!

I think I need to start another category. Let’s title it WEIRD!!

A Real Problem: Update

April 15, 2008

Apparently, what happens after you freeze your finger is that the skin most affected changes to a consistency similar to that of leather, wrinkled and tough. Then some days later fluid begins to congregate underneath the outer layer of skin forming a sort of blister. And, from what I’ve seen today, that layer of skin eventually tears and begins to peel away from the healthy tissue underneath, like this, or this.

It looks worse than it feels, thankfully! And any changes at this point only mean further healing…and that is good news!

Another Step

April 13, 2008

I just sewed a patch on K’s jacket. Well, technically, I ironed it on and then put approximately 15 stitches through it to make sure it doesn’t fall off and to follow the strict instructions given me. But that is not the point. The point is that this signifies the official start of his stint in the outpatient clinic. That means patients. Real ones. The public you see, and not just students anymore. EXCITING! I’m a little bit proud of him 🙂

Smell that?

April 10, 2008

It’s spring! If you were outside at all last weekend, you should have gotten a whiff. It was a breath of fresh air. Literally! If you weren’t able to get out…I’m sorry. And if you just didn’t, well, shame on you. We spent most of the weekend outside in one capacity or another. Walking, being walked, flying a kite, taking pictures, and eating dinner on our deck as the sun went down. Pretty simple really but quite amazing at the same time.

Making sure she wasn’t going to miss out!

And who is that exploring the sky? Diego? My Little Pony?

Nope. It’s DORA!

If anyone knows the name of the one on the right, please tell. I want one for my very own!