Driving along the interstate I noticed a car up ahead. I smelled it first actually, very clearly burning rubber. And the cloud of smoke behind it confirmed. Nonetheless it was continuing along. Thirty seconds later I caught a glimpse of the right front tire, flat as a pancake, flopping along. Five seconds later, it peeled and the skin (called an alligator I think) rolled to the side of the road. So now, driver, who is now on the exit is traveling along at approximately 25 miles per hour on just a rim, metal squealing on the road below. I’m thinking his car is ruined or in for a mighty repair job!!

As I exited the same interstate two miles up the road I noticed the cars on the ramp getting onto the interstate across the way were stopped. As I got a little closer I realized that it was apparently time for the 25+ geese and offspring to cross and naturally they took the right of way. No hurries and no worries for them as they meandered across that section of road, certainly unaware of their impact!!

Oh, and then I drove to a nearby state park and picked these along the side of the road!!! Mmmm!!

Doggie Du Jour

June 18, 2008

I was sleeping away my final few minutes of night-time and K was just getting out of the shower. Indy had already been let out of her kennel earlier that morning and when K heard her getting a little rowdy it seemed, he decided to check on her. Upon opening the door and turning the corner he found her standing on top of the dining table staring straight at him!!!

Nice Indy!

Game, Set, not yet!

June 16, 2008

A sweet old man told me the other day at work that if my hair was a little longer, I would remind him of one of those really beautiful blonde tennis stars of today. I was very grateful for the compliment but told him that my hair was longer (he wouldn’t know that unfortunately as I wear it pulled back way too often) and even still I don’t come close!!! However, K and I have recently discovered tennis. And we like it! We have played numerous times over the last few weeks, occasionally in a ‘doubles’ scenario, but mostly against one another. Me being such a great sport, it’s always friendly play!!! Okay, so occasionally there is a degree of competition…but it’s still always fun. We’re pacing ourselves, working up to an entire match as my body usually wears out before completion!

Pre-game smiles!

The walk of shame fame!

To my sister-in-law, you better get practicing and bring your A game out here with you!!

To my brother, I would say the same but let’s face it, I don’t stand a chance. I can’t return a normal serve yet!

A Sweet Summer Day

June 14, 2008

We crawled out of bed while the morning fog still hung in the air. When we arrived, we separated so we might cover more ground; K to the raspberries and I to the strawberries. We picked…and then we ate!! Yummy!

Followed up, naturally, with an afternoon nap. Door open, listening to the breeze.

Time to make a pie I think!

Recent events at a well-known design-your-own sub shop have left me baffled. Mind you this is not a complaint…but mainly a question of where sensible, logical thinking has gone. I do wish it would return!

Scenario A: I like the idea of a tuna salad sub but I am a minimalist when it comes to the amount of meat on the sandwich. Therefore, the idea of FOUR large scoops on the larger version makes me cringe a bit. So, I asked for just two. “Well, it comes with four.” Of course I knew that and I relayed my understanding but again asked if I could just have two of the four scoops spread across my sandwich. She looked at me, very seriously, and said, “I don’t think we can do that, it comes with four.” Really? Really. I finally convinced her that she was getting the better deal here and I ended up with my two scoops.

Scenario B: Similar to scenario A, I was attempting to get a 12″ sandwich with tuna on half and only veggies on the other half. You see, they have this special where you get a 12″ for a very reasonable amount of money. They have a rule though…you can’t put two 6″ sandwiches together and still get the deal; the entire thing must be the same meat. You may put any and every veggie on the meat, but the meat remains the same. Fair enough. “I would like a footlong with tuna on half. The other half I just want the veggies.” The young kid stared at me, his eyes very clearly showing his wonder at whether this would break the above rule. His manager, an older woman, piped up within seconds confirming this was not allowed. She appeared very annoyed by my very suggestion of the idea. I mustered all the kindness I could at the time and questioned her quick decision. She stood by it. Then, with possibly a hint of sarcasm I wondered aloud whether I could have a footlong tuna sandwich but hold the tuna on half. I think her light bulb found its power source, but she was hesitant to admit. “Well, I guess we can do that.” Thank you!!!!!

Scenario C: K visited the shop near our house one night approximately 25 minutes before close. He followed two other hungry people in the door and stood in line behind them. As it was told to me, a worker behind the counter quickly told them they were closed. Food out, bread made, door unlocked, and workers behind the counter…yet nonetheless closed? Customer 1 and 2 left but K was curious. Just why, might I ask, are you closed? (I’m sure he didn’t say it quite like that but you get the point!). The answer: We were slow tonight so we called the manager and she said we could close early. Let me get this straight…an open store with all the right tools to do the job, 2 workers, 3 customers, 25 minutes before the scheduled closing time and you are refusing to serve because you were slow? Hmmm.

Am I really missing something here? Yes, I am. I am missing days where people (me included on occasion I have no doubt) thought things through, used a bit of (un)common sense, and allowed logic a place in the mind.

Okay, so I called him a sissy. The reason for such harsh name-calling escapes me this many years later, but I’m sure it was a good one. Even better? His response. I’ve managed to keep it for these past 6 years but it is wearing down. The paper is ripped and worn, resembling the cloth texture you used to strive for when crumpling and rubbing, rubbing and crumpling your notebook and grocery sack paper. It makes me laugh every time I read it….here goes:

It reads (in all caps):

Dear L:

You are so immature. You call me a sissy and expect me to be content with that? How can you be so hard headed? To expect my retribution while you insult me is a flabergasting overview on your behalf. To expect me to associate with a back-stabbing hypocrit such as yourself is preposterous!!! Do you really consider me to be so mentally challenged as to not even be able to know of your betrayal? Dear Lady, I have news for you: I am an upstanding student and I am aware of your insulting personality, of which I do not approve. Please expell this evil from within your soul. Find the ways in which people excel, and do not concentrate on their faults. (Mind you I am not admitting to being a sissy, for I am far from it.) Thank you for your time and please apologize and compensate me for my personal damage. I do take this to heart. Recognize me as a human being and not a miniscual person of which to ridicule.



Maybe some spelling errors, a few words used inappropriately, and a healthy dose of exaggeration, but it makes me
smile. But sometimes, when I look closely, past all the other things, I realize that on occasion the person in the letter might really be me, might really be real. My desire is that this is few and far between.