Way Up In The Sky…

July 16, 2008

It was like the spreading of a sickness, like the common cold of neck extension and wonderment was crawling through this small town. We were just outside Kansas City, making our way from the center of town, where the fair was taking place and where we had just indulged in a fried potato thingamabob and fresh squeezed jumbo lemonade, to our seats up on a hill for the much anticipated fireworks display. One by one people all around us began standing to their feet, shielding their eyes from the still present sun, and looking to the sky. Suddenly it seemed it had gotten to everyone. We stopped and did the same as our curiosity was overwhelming our desire to continue walking. Up in the sky? A plane.

But the story doesn’t end there. Apparently what everyone else had picked up on already was that three people had just jumped out of that plane and were now on their way back to Earth. So everyone watched intently as the three parachuted people floated their way down to solid ground. We lost sight of them after they dipped below the tree line but we are assuming they made it to their destination safely. Here is my very sorry attempt to capture them in pictures!!


July 14, 2008

There are tears on my cheeks right now. Wanna know why? Let me tell you. It just became pretty evident to me that my beloved ’94 Taurus might very well be on it’s last leg. The transmission is on the fritz and it only runs in 1 or 2 gears we’re pretty sure but she’s still tryin’ and she’s still serving a purpose. So why cry? Maybe it’s because it’s been around since my junior year of high school, maybe because it’s my first car, maybe because there have been so many memories over the past almost 10 years. Even still, it’s lame I know.

However, she’s still running now and she hasn’t stopped so I won’t count her out yet! And for all of you who considered it, don’t. She’s proved you wrong before hasn’t she?!?! As she’s still around after all this time I’ll answer yes for you 🙂

Goin’ to Kansas City

July 12, 2008

Actually, we’ve already been there, done that, and had a good time.

We headed out of town sans Indy on the eve of our nation’s birthday and 4 car-ride hours later we arrived at our hotel. A wee bit scary initially to be completely honest as we arrived on the 22nd floor to find some, to be nice, aged carpet, a straight hallway with wooden doors flush with the walls which resembled more of the motel variety and increased the creepy factor for me by a notch. Topping it off, ours was the room at the very end of the hallway by the 22nd floor air conditioner and across from the maintenance room. All of this mixed with the fact that this was a once “luxury” hotel (as all of the current literature still raves) screamed horror movie to me…or maybe that was just the paranoia again. Alas, the door opened and we stepped through the arctic air to find a room that was genuinely nice when enjoyed with my very strict rule of no touching of the floor with any of our persons or possessions apart from the bottoms of our shoes. We took in the view from our window which included an ever-changing light display and when we found our perfect sleep numbers we called it a night.

Happy Birthday America! To celebrate we visited Union Station and the World War 1 memorial. Throw in some fountains, cows, trains, and top it off with some fireworks and you’ve got a glimpse of our great day.

We marched up to the front door, gave it a few good knocks, and waited. The innkeeper Rachel answered, brought us inside and showed us around to the kitchen, the enclosed porch with wicker furniture and a swing for two, the living room, dining room where evening snacks were being served, and the wooden deck with black iron tables, red umbrellas, and a fireplace with a waterfall. Our room, which might be amusing to some of you and which surprised us as we had booked this so long ago we had forgotten, was rightfully named:

As the day was wearing away, we took a quick walk to a nearby park and found our seats for the show. Our luck, this was the final weekend for the local Shakespeare festival and the production of Othello was getting ready to start. It was great!!! Unfortunately, I brought no bug spray and my fear of waking up with welts won out and we left at intermission. Well, that and the fact that we knew fresh-baked cookies were awaiting us back at the inn. A warm oatmeal chocolate chip approximately 1 inch thick…well worth it!!

A very warm morning walk to snap a couple of photos with the giant shuttlecocks, one last fountain, and one very active bird of prey and we were on our way home after a beautiful weekend.

Would you believe this is the same sky?

It was a threatening sky out the back with dark blues and storm clouds but looking out the front window you would have never known as it was the brightest blue and not a rain cloud to be found.

Indy Is Gone

July 2, 2008

Really. It’s true. Just after almost being dognapped by my mom she hopped in the back seat of K’s brother and sister-in-law’s car and headed for the border. Of Indiana that is. It was originally supposed to be for just a couple of weeks but it might be as long as nearly a month. We celebrated at first but I’ll be honest…she is pretty fun to have around. There. I said it!! Indy, we might be missing you and we’ll probably be happy to see you again!! Well, until the first time you have to be taken out in the rain, or you pee on the floor because you’re too excited, or you wake up at 3:00 in the morning and decide it’s barking time, or you jump up while I’m trying to lay down and sneak your tongue close to my mouth. Until you do something like that, I’ll enjoy you!!!!

Just so you know, I like you like this….

One for the headlines

July 2, 2008

A little irony for the day. This key card from our hotel a few weeks ago in Indianapolis reads “welcome to indiana” as you can see. What you can’t see and what I didn’t notice but K pointed out is that the license plate on the front of the classic car to the left reads “Explore Kentucky”!! I think we might send it in to the Tonight Show for their headlines segment!