August 28, 2008

We have a rule in our household. Well, I wouldn’t really call it a rule but more like a standard we have agreed to keep between us. We have a few of them but possibly the strangest and therefore my favorite is that at least once a month we decided we have to place ourselves in a position where it is necessary to use our brights while driving. We’ve bent the rules a few times on stretches of road that are dark enough for approximately 20 feet but certainly not a real necessity. Accomplishing this is often hard as in the daily grind, hustle and bustle, and to and fro of life we wander through our wee part of this city guided along by the light of the stoplights and streetlights and billboards and restaurants and storefronts…all bigger, brighter, and better than the one before.

Sometimes it has to be planned. But sometimes (and these are my favorite times), we end up in a place and K looks over and his eyes meet mine and he says, “watch this” as he turns that magical knob!! And then we both smile!

Mmm Mmm Good

August 27, 2008

Soup has nothing on some good old fashioned fair food. Okay, for my health maybe soup is the winner. But for my tastebuds, no contest. Since living in Missouri my fair food addiction has not been fed well. I have been to a handful of festivals and fairs out here during the steamy summer nights and despite my attempts have found nothing to fulfill my cravings. No elephant ears, no funnel cakes, not even much cotton candy, a fair favorite.

I daydream sometimes about this carnival cuisine. I really do. And my mouth waters as I think of all of the options. You see there are several selections…chicken on a stick, deep fried twinkies, deep fried snickers, candy apples, cotton candy, grilled corn, nachos, pretzels, and the list goes on. But my favorite? My favorite is salt and vinegar french fries and a lemon shake-up. I have specific vendors that are my favorites as well but I’ll spare you the details.

I write this post as a happy girl as a couple of weeks ago I got to go home and indulge in my favorite fair meal. Yep, it was good! Better than good! I just might be drooling thinking back on it.

August 13, 2008

To you my dear sister, the one who wants more of this posting bit. Well, wordpress has this little feature that allows you to “publish” in the future. Pretty cool, really. Unless you write some great really quite useless information, you tell it when to post, and it ignores you and sits idle on the internet waiting to be discovered. Oh well, there goes that idea!!!

August 6, 2008

You might remember my friend, the one who decided to text me that he was going to jail again real soon and just wanted me to know. Well, actually we’re not friends and in fact, I don’t know him. However, I’ve learned more about the person in recent days. He is now out of jail. Yes, I received a message a couple of weeks ago declaring “I’m free.” Congratulations. Unfortunately with his freedom came resumed cell phone privileges. Personally, I kind of liked it when he was in a cell and had no privileges as the messages came, and came, and came. I got jokes: “Two men robbed the police station and took all the toilets. The police have nothing to go on.” Good one, huh? I got forwards: “Send this on to 9 of your blah, blah, blah.” I sent a message back informing him that he had the wrong number and I, in fact, did not care at all to receive anything he was sending me. ‘Biggin’ didn’t get the message. Yep, that’s the name. 

Now my messages have been blocked in hopes he gets my message:


Thank you!

Update: Taurus

August 4, 2008

What did I warn the last time I wrote of the Taurus? Not to count her out, right? Well, I did that for good reason. Historically, at just the moment you think she is turning her last mile, or has seen her last road trip, guzzled her last tank of gas, she comes out of nowhere for another go-round.

A couple of weeks ago as we came into town from a trip, we picked her up and I asked if I could drive. K agreed and I put the keys in and drove her home for what I thought might be the last time. It was good, just me in the car, preparing even more if she decided this was it. However, five days later, K comes to me and says, “The taurus is running just fine, all gears, no problems at all. It’s like there wasn’t ever anything wrong.” Seriously. And she’s been fine since.

K tells a buddy at school who had suggested he get some transmission cleaner to run through just to see if it would do anything and the guy pridefully tells him that maybe that is all that was needed to help. Nice try but the cleaner hadn’t been used. The furthest it had made it was to the floor of the passenger side.

It might not seem as extravagant as the parting of the Red Sea or the feeding of the 5.000+ but I’m pretty sure the running of the Taurus is one of those modern-day miracles of God we can sometimes tend to overlook!!

Excuses, Excuses

August 3, 2008

Alright, alright. I would like to offer some level of good reason for my prolonged absence. Unfortunately I can’t. There aren’t any really good reasons so I’ll give you the two or three average excuses I could muster. I’m writing as if there are several whose function depends on my writing a post…but don’t worry, I do know better! 🙂 And now, my excuses. 

1. In an attempt to conserve a little money and decrease our ever-growing frustration with all things cyber space and our computer, we cancelled our internet. So any surfing we do now requires a field trip.

2.  It has been a busy July, what with us out of town and family being in town and all. So it’s been all about catching up and enjoying real-life people time…which I LOVE!

and last but not least,

3. Our dog came back home…and…ate…well, nothing. But she did just come back home so she’s back to demanding a little bit of our extra time!

I’ll attempt to be more consistent. But if not, I’m sure there is an average reason for it!!!