A long time coming

April 27, 2009

It seemed slightly surreal seeing him walk across that stage as four years ago it felt like the day was so far off. Yet on Saturday my husband graduated and now holds the title of Doctor of Chiropractic with all of the honor and responsibility that comes with it. And as I watched him I thought I might nearly burst with pride!

Vote for Us!

April 27, 2009

…for parents of the year of course. I’m sure every nominated set of parents have had a conversation similar to the one we had with our sweet 7 week old this morning. He woke approximately 5 seconds before we were to head out the door, 10 1/2 hours after being put to bed. And he was hungry but would have to wait until we arrived at our destination before getting his breakfast-on-the-go bottle. He was wailing in the backseat and K says “watch your mouth.” I inquired about about what he had said and K informed me that he was swearing back there. “Did he say GrandAm GD?”** I asked. “We have two cars B and we can’t always take the GrandAm everywhere. You are just going to have to deal with it. And one more thing…I’m pretty sure I heard you say Daddy and we talked about that, it’s Dr. Daddy to you now!”

**This goes back to my day camp counseling days when K pulled up in our car and one of the kids in amazement says, “is that a GrandAm GD?”. Another child is instantly offended and reports to everyone that the first was cussing. Finally a third says, “I don’t get it, what’s the bad word, Grand Am GD.” So it has been known as the GD since.

Out and About

April 23, 2009

There have been several gorgeous days recently so we took advantage and headed outside. He LOVES being outside…and I loved spending the time with him. We I also had a little fun with the camera. K was playing basketball a few feet away…no pictures of that but he had fun too. A great day all around.



It was also time for the first real bath. The bath went great…until the very end. Just as I was about to lift him out he sneezed…AND pooped. Bath ruined and K disgusted. Oh well!!!



A dangerous pair!


Anyone else notice a trend among the three of them. I’ve lost track of the number of pictures I have of the three of them snoozing in one combination or the other!!


The first try at a hat!


Thanks for the outfit Uncle Craig and Aunt Angela! How do I look?

11, 9, 11

April 13, 2009

What we found out at our last appointment was that our little guy is growing like a weed. Well, in weight at least. A whole 2 pounds in one month!! At this rate it looks like we’ll have a somewhat tall chunk with a small head! But if he continues looking like this he’ll be the cutest one of that description around. Okay, I’ll admit a slight bias 🙂


And now for the title…at the risk of losing friends I’ll admit that those numbers represent Biz’s hours of sleep the past 3 nights.

With that, I’ll sign off.

At least 45

April 9, 2009

We figure with 5+ years of marriage, 2+ years of having a dog, a break-up with Sallie Mae, a baby, real jobs, and now with the purchase of a house our adjusted age is at least 45. But, we still stay up past 9:30 so we have that going for us. That has to take away a few years I would imagine 🙂 Nonetheless we’ve definitely passed fully into adulthood, on paper at least!

But hey, for those of you who were paying attention…yes, we did buy a house!! So that’s pretty cool.

Maybe now you should all share your adjusted ages!!


This is where we found Indy one day. Pretty sure it is her favorite place in the whole world. Besides a willing lap. Unbelievable!!

Some may think it reflective of the quality of window cleaning. Not so in this case.

“Hey look, a woodpecker. Right there in the tree outside our window.” I was so excited to have spotted the little guy. In fact, we soon found out the original had a friend. There were two woodpeckers in the tree outside our window. How fun.

Until I heard the thud. I was finishing getting ready in the other room when I heard it. I came out to find this…


Mr. Woodpecker had flown right into our window and knocked himself senseless. (If you don’t believe me, that wet spot beside him is a puddle of his pee I’m pretty sure! This whole thing scared the pee out of him!!!) By the time that I arrived on the scene, he was tipping forward in slow motion, beak first into the deck. I thought I was witnessing him dying before my very eyes and I was not happy about it. However, when his beak hit the wood it was as if he snapped out of it and came back to standing. Stunned, dazed, and confused, he sat there for some time still trying to figure out what just happened. He eventually was able to fly away on his own and as he did his woodpecker friend joined him, probably armed with some sarcastic comment regarding his poor decision I can only imagine.