Not in awhile

August 27, 2009

For awhile there in St. Louis I was having a run on “weird” posts because there were a lot of strange things happening, like this, this, or even this. Not so much here. I’m not so much into creepy weird, but sometimes I miss wondering what unusual thing might happen today.

All that to say, it happened. K and I were driving along the other day and I saw a man sweeping. Not so weird, you say? Well, he was sweeping his lawn. With a broom. It made me smile. Partly because, I don’t know, a broom may have been the best tool for the job. But mostly, because it was weird.

So thank you weird stranger* man.

*I do realize that stranger, as it sits next to weird, still sounds like I think he’s odd or unusual, but I truly couldn’t think of another word for “man I don’t know” and my in-head thesaurus is out of commission today. So stranger it is, as strange as it is. Okay, that was a little overboard. I’m done:)

Man-eating loveseat

August 26, 2009

Close call. Thankfully it got the smelly half! Sorry for the blurred picture; there was rescuing that needed to be done:)



All in how you look at it!

August 25, 2009


When you look at this picture, you might think B is sick. So sick in fact that he needs medication. Medication administered through this syringe. or.


OR, you just might think that in the course of the last few weeks somewhere, B forgot how to use a bottle and because it is the sucking action he can’t quite master, a sippy cup will not do either as it requires you, of all things, to be able to “sip” (go figure!), so after spending a very. long. time. trying once again to take a bottle this morning from his daddy, his mama decided to squirt milk into his mouth using this syringe.

It could be either I guess…but I’ll let you figure it out:)

So I *may* have taken the pictures below the other day when I was trying to give him a bottle. I have NEVER seen him so mad before.




My baby is a little hoarse

August 18, 2009

I know what some of you are thinking and it’s simply not true. How do I know? Because I’m just that smart. See, you think I don’t know how to spell. Little do you know!

B has developed a case of laryngitis. Really, you ask? I don’t know. But he does sound awfully pathetic. It’s actually rather sad, and cute, and pathetic all mixed together.

Maybe it’s from his new found ability to scream….hmmm.

In all seriousness though, any of you other mamas ever had a little hoarse horse?

Yard Sales and Swimming

August 16, 2009


Nothing much says summertime like the purging of all of the no-longer-wanteds that have taken up residence in your house long enough or, in our instance, the never-ours and never-wanteds that apparently the previous homeowners no longer wanted either…AND a dip in the pool. In this particular situation I’m referring to the 3 foot diameter, 2 inch tall blow-up pool we bought on clearance for $3. K’s forearm had a blast in the pool!! Seriously, it’s about that big. It is a great size for B though and he LOVED it. So what that his mama put straight-from-the-hose water in it which was apparently freezing as his quivering lips told…he had himself a great time. He’ll tell you all about it here.





My sister joined us for sale day and B was so excited. Can you tell?


August 14, 2009

August so far has consisted of running, full speed ahead. We started the month by taking a trip (just Biz and I) to Indianapolis to spend the day with Kels browsing through some mighty fun stores, lunching at Chili’s, and enjoying one of her last few days before school. She teaches all-day kindergarten…would you pray for her with me?! In fact, let’s just make that prayer for all teachers please.  Back on track…Kels thought B needed a haircut and I had heard the word comb-over too many times, thank you, so I issued her the challenge and I must admit she did a fine job! Unfortunately the before/after documentation is on her camera. Here is another picture anyway.



My parents and K scooped us up from the Circle City that night and we headed out to the old St. Louis stomping grounds to visit my sister and her husband. There it was relaxing, wine tasting, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?*, Golf (in playing card form), question/answer time in which we found out Scott thinks he *might* have been an eagle scout!, dinner with friends at nowhere else but Tucker’s, 3 terrible games of Sequence, 2-men-and-a-baby-diaper-change, and divinity. Ah yes, divinity, which is, well, divine! Okay, so not really. But it is delicious. Especially when made right, meaning like my mom makes it…and also meaning it doesn’t taste, or look, or feel like chalk but rather tastes, looks and feels like sugar…in yummy white fudgy form!  It was a good time. Here is a picture of Amy and B apparently trying to figure out what it is she is holding; she’s sheltered 😉



Over the past several weeks B has learned a lot. He is oh-so-fascinated by his toes and the tasting of them, even being so coordinated as to suck on his big toe while putting toes 2,3,or 4 up his nose. Attempts at eating have been moderately successful though I’m fearful for him at times as he lunges toward the spoon, attacking it as if it is live prey which needs to be killed prior to devouring. He will not be holding his own utensil anytime soon for this same reason. His terrible mama made him use a second-hand spoon for his first meal and it was pink. When he looks back at pictures he will be disgusted and I will say now, I’m sorry. The worst part is that I had a spoon in the house I had forgotten about; it wasn’t pink. Oops!







Crawling is not yet here, though he is not giving up without a fight. That little boy is determined. Sitting on the other hand, he’s getting the hang of that. Though still not terribly stable, B is able to sit for short periods of time unsupported. He looks so big when he does that so sometimes I just push him back over. Just kidding! I just think about it. No! Again, joking!



Biz has some pipes. Praise the Lord, we heard them within seconds of his birth. And we’re hearing them again. He has learned how to scream. It is a sort of squeal/shriek/happy kind of (we’ll put it nicely) roar. He’s terribly impressed and amused with himself and his new found ability but I have to admit I hope it ends soon. I don’t so much mind it myself right now as it delights me he is learning and discovering. However, this a behavior that annoys me to no end with kids in public. Crying, fine. Screaming at lung capacity, not so fine. Though B’s isn’t shrill and it isn’t at lung capacity, I can still see it getting old…quick. Especially in public. Here, take a listen for yourself…

For now, we’ll call him Simba.


And Last but not Least…some more cuteness known as B.



*Otherwise known as the most expensive $1.50 movie rental ever! $28. Oh yeah, so the two Star Wars movies which were a little WAY overdue might have also contributed. Like $26.50 worth.

I’ve figured it out.

August 11, 2009

I love this blogging thing. I really do. I have so many ideas floating around in my head of what I want to write about. Random things, memories, quotables, happenings….life. But I’m slow. It takes me bloomin’ FOR.EV.ER to get one thing written down. And while I don’t mean that literally, it would not surprise me if flowers grew in the time it takes me to complete a post. I do know that when I’m done I often look back and realize that I could have washed the dishes, started a load of laundry, showered, paid the bills, mowed the lawn (you are wondering if I’m kidding, right?), and folded the laundry which is now finished with the time I just invested in a blog entry! I’ve always been that way though, especially with writing. Written, then read, then corrected, then re-written, then read again, and then maybe I might be done. Ugh!

So really, how long should it take? Really. I’m afraid I will be  jealous greatly amazed at your ability to spit out a post in .5 seconds, but give it to me honest:)


August 11, 2009

That is the kind of fence we got. The invisible kind. Good idea? The verdict is still out on that one. However, I’ll tell you how it has gone so far. BAD.

Indy has never lived in a place where she has a yard that is all her own. Apartments have been her thing and those often come grass not included. She loves playing in my parents fenced-in backyard though. Running here, running there and chasing birds, balls, and squirrels. At their house, she will beg to go outside, just for the sake of being outside. So we were so excited to get this fence for her. A fence without the maintenance of chain or wood, and without the cost of vinyl, but highly recommended by the veterinarian nonetheless. Indy will have free reign of the yard, and we K won’t have to stand outside with her in the rain, sleet, and snow just to watch her pee.

Well, this is how it has gone so far.

Scenario A: Indy is afraid to go outside. She takes no more than three steps into our yard before peeing and then promptly turns back around and heads straight for the door.

Scenario B: Indy has her friend Spud over (my parents dog) and they are taking one last trip outside before bed. Indy isn’t quite so scared tonight and spends some time in the backyard. She heads toward the shed and gets too close to the line and….ZAP. She goes airborn and shrieks something terrible, shaking her head back and forth as she runs straight for the back door.

Scenario C: We considered calling to have the “correction” turned down after scenario B but hadn’t done so yet. K takes Indy out before work and Indy sees a squirrel in our yard. Squirrel leaves the yard and Indy follows after. Runs…right through the line, not a pause, not a peep, not a hesitation.

Scenario D: Indy follows us as we drag several items from downstairs up along the side of the house. She takes the steps to the top (which is what she is supposed to do) but on the way down runs straight down the line, yelping the entire way, then it is into our neighbor’s yard and once again back through the line into our yard, “corrected” once again. Straight through the back door, never to go outside again.
Is it turned up too high? Turned down too low? Either way, we are pretty sure she is not intelligent enough for this.

I’m considering calling and having them come out and we’ll start again from square one. But I also want these flags out of our yard.

August 6, 2009

Have you ever wondered what it might look like if you joined your genes with your husbands? If you answered yes, then look at your kids!! If you don’t have kids,  head on over to and see. If you don’t have a husband, you can pick one out there!! I have a husband, and I have kids, so after I took a look at B I decided to morph and see what he should look like according to them.

Here it is:

Pink shirt and all!


It was fun to play…but I think we’re very happy with what the Creator of the Universe put together!