Cute Outfit: Take 2

September 23, 2009

This is the outfit required 5 minutes after the last post due to B’s sudden spitting up all over himself and me. So much for that cute outfit. Thankfully, we had this one as well!


September 22, 2009

Thanks for the cute outfit, Jen! The brown pants were not the original bottoms, nor was the shirt long-sleeved. BUT, we layered over a plain white onesie, found pants that matched in the dresser and lo and behold, it’s stylin’!




And a few of my favorites from this weekend.


Contemplating their next “great” idea. I LOVE IT!! Just for the record, as I was walking across the dam to leave I stumbled upon them connecting glow sticks together by holding the ends in the fire from the tiki torch and melting them together. I rewarded the thinking up of the concept but encouraged that it might not be such a good idea in reality. The bad news: they had already completed this with two sets of chemically-filled glowing sticks. The good news: they were having some great fun!!


And one of her because she is…how should I say it…A-dorable. You too Jen…you too.

Unfortunately, I don’t think K will allow that song or movie to be one of his son’s favorite things but I can still enjoy it:) Here,though, are a few of B’s favorites….


Helping out around the house.


Being outside.


Eating apples!


Playing ball with Indy.

(And before any of you bring it up, I do realize she is in desperate need of a haircut which she will be getting this week, thankyouverymuch!)


September 18, 2009

So much changing here! You can join with me in thanking God that B had a bit of success last night with the sippy cup. Although it still wasn’t pretty, it was something. Something without screaming. And for that I am grateful!

And for this? For this I am just a sucker; I love it!!




Don’t miss just how delighted he is to have conquered this!

And he is also crawling*…which means he can now play ball with Indy and he LOVES it! I think she loves it too!

*An army-crawl sort of variation but nonetheless better to him than immobility:) And just as hard for a mama to keep up! Let the fun begin.

When we turned around

September 18, 2009

Welcome to the latest installment of weird. If you’ve not noticed before…I am quite fond of a little weirdness. Again, I will clarify, not creepy weird…but fun weird. Just to make sure I don’t misrepresent myself. Annnnyway.

It was gorgeous outside and so we decided to get out and enjoy the weather. B fell asleep on the way to the park and so instead of transferring him to his stroller to walk around we, instead, left him in his carseat and sat down on the bleachers to read. We were deep into our reading apparently…I heard some rustling but thought it was merely the breeze blowing some early fall(en) leaves. Nope.

Here’s where it gets good!

I look up and there standing eye level with me was a swan. Well, I think it was a swan. I don’t know. What I do know is if swans are gigantic…and white…and have size 12 webbed feet…and overall resemble a duck on some sort of steroid it must have been a swan. If not a swan, then something that resembled my description above. Well, see for yourself*.


I was a little scared, I gotta admit. But, can you really blame me? He stood as tall as my waist at least. Nonetheless, it brightened an already beautiful day.

We talked for awhile and then he left. Apparently he had better things to do:) So long swanish creature.

*So the picture was taken on a cellular telephone and therefore does not capture the full effect. But, trust me on this one, it was huge! K suggested I stand next to it for scaling purposes but, um, NO was my polite response.

As you may have seen here, B managed a couple of months ago to prove to us he needed to be restrained while using his bouncer seat. Since then, he has proved that even a restraint system is no match for him. He only uses this chair for the short time K and I spend eating our lunch during the week. This is what he managed to do in those few, short minutes.

Notice the side sitting that has already begun. And yet the innocence is written all over his face!


Even further.


Another angle.

He also has attempted to escape over the top as well, doing a sort of flip/back bend maneuver. The arch has been ripped from its post and the sun and spider torn from their set places. He’s a terror to the helpless seat!!


All that work makes him tired though! Yawn.

Sour Apples

September 2, 2009

This was B’s response to the apples I gave him for lunch.

I then added a smidge of banana which seemed to calm things down a bit!