Today’s mail!

October 29, 2009

I received notification through snail mail today that I passed my jurisprudence examination thus completing the process of transferring my professional license from Missouri to Ohio and therefore rendering me fully certified to practice as a Physical Therapist Assistant once again. Hooray!

As if that wasn’t enough…

I then signed into my email account to check for unopened cyber-mail only to find this. That’s right…B. Moss is once again. I mourned (as much as one can really, and appropriately, mourn for a retail clothing store!) when the downturn in the economy forced them to close their doors last winter. Even just last week I held onto my old familiar shirt branded with the B.Moss tag and spoke sadly with a turned out lip as I told my mom that they had, indeed, closed their doors and not just closed a few stores. I hung my head for a moment.

Okay, okay…so I’m highly dramatic. But I do very much enjoy this store and I look forward to their return. Hooray times two…or three or four or more!!!

Now it’s time to share your mail! What has been your favorite mail (snail or otherwise) today (or recently if all you got were bills*)?



*Then again, bills will also be accepted as happy mail as at a deeper glance they are simply evidence that you have an education, or heat, or access to healthcare, or a house, or cable, or a phone, or the internet, or running water, right?

of your plight apart from the grace of God?

Recently I’ve become very aware of the difference it makes to be reminded often of my position of desperation as a sinner apart from the undeserved grace given through the sacrifice made by Jesus.

Of course I know it. I know I am a sinner. I know that the punishment for sin is death. I know that.

I also know that God himself left the comforts of Heaven and clothed himself in flesh. He lived as a man; a life unmarked by sin. And then he died as a replacement for the death I owe for my sin. Not only that, he did not stay dead. He conquered death so that we can have hope in an everlasting life.

I know all of this….but sometimes….sometimes I forget. Sometimes I begin to feel entitled. Sometimes I try to work this thing out on my own. Sometimes I find myself simply, and unknowingly, striving to be moral.  As if I deserved it. As if anything I do can earn my salvation. As if a good life or morality saves.

But even worse? Even worse than that is when I haven’t been reminded in awhile and the situation seems not so desperate.

Praise God for reminders. Reminders that we are sinners…and that it is desperate. Not so that we might walk about our world beaten and condemned but that we might recognize our plight and remember that God has given us grace through His son that we might be saved…and that we would be delighted in Him!

Glory to God FOREVER.

Today’s Funny

October 20, 2009

So really it was 2 days ago’s funny but it was so funny I’m still giggling about it. Therefore, I will share.

The pharmacist we were lunching with told us that a patron of the retail pharmacy she works for came in asking if they had the hiney* shot.


*Otherwise (and more commonly) referred to as H1N1…just in case there were a few left confused.

Just as the colors of the leaves on the trees, things are a changin’ around here! It isn’t uncommon to walk in after a nap to find a tearful B standing in his crib awaiting a lift out of his little seven month old equivalent to solitary (or so it must seem at times). My favorite however is when he awakens cheerfully and I can sneak a few peeks through the cracked doorway before he notices. He is often chatting up a storm or trying to get the attention of his stuffed animals sitting quietly on their shelf across the room.

It has been a joy recently to be able to read with B.  He helps me turn the pages and has once again found his attention span, albeit still short.

We had a little fun playing outside today…here is a glimpse:




DSC00631Possibly my new favorite picture of him.

Oh, and a tooth is on it’s way. I’m pretty sure my finger felt a little ivory peak poking it’s way through. Look out world…or maybe more accurate…look out apples!

Quote of the day…

October 13, 2009

K: “What did he say?” With disgust, regarding the boy on the advertisement for Where The Wild Things Are. (He has openly expressed disgust for this from the first commercial. Why? I don’t know.)

Me: “I don’t know.”

K: “I don’t like this.”

Me: “I know. You have made it abundantly clear numerous times though I’m not exactly sure why.”

K: (annoyed) “It looks like a bunch of mascots running around in the woods.” (Close up of one of the “wild things”) “SEE. Why would you watch that?”

There is no appreciation from him of this classic children’s book. And no hard feelings about it either:)

My sister Jen ran an entire 5K!!

By herself.

Because her kid sister had some mild misfortunes during the 2nd mile of the race failed to perform and bailed out to walk during the middle mile. Boo for me. Hooray for her.

Good Job Jen. I’m proud of you 🙂


My parents and B decided to walk from the beginning…good idea! And after 3.1 miles, B crossed the line ahead of both of them. It might have been because he was being pushed in the stroller, but nonetheless. Oh, and, he completed 4 out of the 5 kilometers with his eyes closed. Man, he’s talented. Apparently from my showing, he doesn’t get it from his mama!


Too many degrees

October 6, 2009

This is what a snuggly little guy looks like when his body is toasting away something nasty! It’s amazing how much his little eyes tell. How could I not just wrap him up and hold on tight?


October 5, 2009

There are days where I want to abandon the house and live outside…not spend the day outside, but live there. Today is one of those days. Have I ever mentioned I love FALL? Well, I do.


October 5, 2009

There is a skit out there that I’ve seen just enough times to appreciate entitled “REALLY?”

That, indeed, was my actual response to the following scenario which was just too funny not to share.

So I made a phone call this afternoon to confirm an upcoming appointment. It started out like any other phone call in which the kind lady on the other end asked me numerous questions regarding my personal information…phone number, address, date of birth, etc. Approximately the 6th or 7th question went something like this…”In what language would you prefer the doctor and/or nurse speak to you during your appointment?”

REALLY? Do you really have to ask me that question as clearly I have not chosen the spanish option prompt and I have answered the swarm of inquiries to this point very successfully in english? And if you do, should it really come as the 6th or 7th question?  It caught me so off guard I laughed out loud and could barely answer her.  K looked at me and laughed as well as he could only imagine what the question might have been to warrant an “english” answer.

K and I came up with numerous silly responses to the question after the phone call was over, my favorite being his “Actually I would prefer to have the doctor speak to me in his native language in which case I will need an interpreter to translate into english as I am not fluent in any other tongue.”

What fun!!!

Not that He had to, but God once again allowed us a glimpse of His goodness these past few days and I’m happy to share.

*A quick side note…I never knew a hospital gown could be so cute! I thought I might dissolve into a puddle when the nurse pulled this out for him to wear. Then we got it on him……


B had to have surgery the end of this last week and he was a trooper. It was something that we had known about…thankfully not a surprise or emergency…but nonetheless nothing we were looking forward to. That said, we are feeling very blessed that he was able to even have the procedure because he was running a very high fever for the two days before our scheduled appointment.  The fever produced a very cuddly yet miserable little boy who risked being declined surgery that we had waited a long time to have. We put him and his fever to bed the night before with many of our own prayers and the prayers of others and when we woke him at 3 o’clock the next morning to leave, there was no fever to be found. PRAISE GOD!!!

On top of that, the surgeon said that everything went great!