Foggy morning fun

November 24, 2009

So the pictures are a little *foggy* themselves…I’ll blame the camera but I think you can still get the point.


I had seen this done somewhere recently and I decided to give it a whirl. If you’re like me and love the easy-to-peel, juicy sweet, and pint-sized goodness that is a clementine…why not go a little further and try this out too. And if you don’t love everything good about clementines…shame on you!


Anyway, you start with a shallow cut around the outside of the clementine (think waistline). Use a butter knife or similar object to slide down between the skin and the flesh of the fruit (again, given the easy-to-peel nature of this fruit this part is WAY easier than, say, with an orange). Once nearly all has been loosened you should start to be able to almost spin the outer peel. Carefully pull one whole half of the peel off, trying to keep the part that goes through the middle of the fruit intact on the outer peel. You should have something that looks like a bowl with a stem of sorts standing in the middle of it. This is the bottom of your candle. The other end (without the stem thing) is your top. Place a small amount of olive oil in the bottom half being careful not to drown your stem. On the top half, cut out a star (or other shape if you are that good) with a paring knife. An easy star to cut is the star of David (two triangles offset). Light the ‘wick’ in the bottom, place the top on it, set it on a butter dish and enjoy!


It’s not going to light your house by any stretch, and you won’t be doing it for the aroma. But for a fun, easy, and kid-friendly project, I would recommend it!


Let me know if you do it…send me a comment, or even better, a picture!

Make your own

November 23, 2009

Given the Colts undefeatedness (it’s a word somewhere, I’m sure) and the animated nature of these two photos, the door is wide open for many a kind of smack talk.

Please, go on, leave your best…fun, appropriate, and friendly are necessary though.

Need I even mention that extra credit* will be awarded if said smack involves a certain (not undefeated) New Englandish team? Didn’t think so.

Now run along…comment away.

*Just so we are all clear…there will be no actual credit given and therefore extra credit will not result in any tangible award either.

Daddy is home

November 13, 2009

Aahhhhh…..I love it!



November 13, 2009






During a nap one day, B transformed into a mermaid, both legs stuffed nice and uncomfortably into the same compartment.


He, like Ariel, was not impressed with the circumstances…though his method of telling me was far from a sweetly sung ballad from atop a rock in the middle of the ocean 🙂

Song, Song of the South

November 12, 2009

Sweet potato eye and I shut my mouth….


…or something like that!

*Please pardon the fact that, yes, my boy is eating with a pink spoon that, yes, my little white dog did chew to shreds. But it was only the end of the spoon, if that helps at all!