The short list

December 14, 2009

*The Indianapolis Colts won…again.

*I received a bag of gummy tongues the other day.

*Along with the tongues came a bag of gummy body parts.

*The Indianapolis Colts are now 13-0

*B took nearly a 2 hour nap this morning.

*The money that had gone toward our deductible since January carried over when we switched to our new plan.

*My mom makes amazing pizza.

*I eat an average of 5 gummy tongues a day. Can you say cavity?

*Let me redo that last one with a little extra dose of honesty. I eat an average of 5+ gummy tongues per day. Can you say multiple cavities?

*These pictures make me laugh…

Weather Alert

December 13, 2009

In case you were not aware, it’s cold outside. In our little part of the world at least. Today not as cold as yesterday and yesterday not as cold as the day before, but cold nonetheless.

When I first saw the temperature on Wednesday the wind chill was 2 below 0. In the next breath it seemed, it had fallen to 4 below and likely didn’t stop there as the wind was frightful that day. And funny things happen when the wind blows like that. For instance, when you are sitting in front of the chocolate shoppe, inflatable pools fly by and threaten to blow into your car. The chocolate shoppe doors stick shut and cause you to have to read the posted hours (through watery eyes) over, and over, and over as you triple check in your head today’s date and time. Getting out of your vehicle becomes dangerous because car doors are terribly heavy and if you are not careful they will catch a gust of wind and slam back into you nearly knocking you off your feet, making an indentation in your clavicle, and slightly bruising your pride. Trust me.

But I will NOT complain as I love snow. You said nothing about snow, you say? Ahh, you are so observant! I did say nothing about snow but it must be cold for it to snow and therefore I will endure the cold. Because, again, I love snow!


in the meantime

to combat the cold

we will wear hats!

You should too!

Memorable phone messages are not new to me. Our best friends have a knack for leaving classics on our answering machine. Others have left a few that made the recording cut…that’s where we take it off the machine or phone and record it to the computer for safe (and long-term) keeping. K and I thoroughly enjoy going back and listening to old messages because it makes us giggle. Okay…he laughs, I giggle.

Once, a perfect stranger made the cut. We were still in our apartment in St. Louis and I had come home from a day at work. I saw the machine blinking and hit play only to find that what followed was a solid minute and a half (and I do mean solid…) of 100 mile a minute talking…in chinese*. My favorite part was that at the very end, the sweet little lady says “bu bye.”

One thing that has always thrown me is that our voices and names were on our answering machine…who did she think she was calling? Hmmm.

This all brings me to the present day. I got a phone call…several if we’re being specific…from a random guy last weekend. If I were to bet, I think it might be Biggin (you know, this guy…he also was the subject of a post on August 6th, 2008). But that is just a guess. Anyway, it’s a classic. Definitely record-worthy. Certainly share-worthy. My issue is I don’t know how to share audio with you. Bummer. I think you would really enjoy it.

Anyway, if it is you Biggin, it’s nice to finally put a voice with the name! 😉

Now please. quit. calling. me.

*I’m calling it chinese but in reality, I have no idea as I’m not fluent in chinese, japanese, or anything of the like.

The look of nine months

December 8, 2009

Nine months!

Though this was the photographic bathtime version of what nine months looks like, we’ll now take a little detour to highlight some other aspects of life as it is right now. Crawling is still his main form of transportation, and he is good at it. Head down and he means business. However, more fun yet not quite as effective yet is his pulling up on furniture and sliding from one end to the other. He has stood alone a few times but much prefers the comforts of holding onto something sturdy. Playing with Indy is still one of his favorite things. He says daaa when he sees her and baaa when he throws her the ball. He uses those two sounds for everything else too but he is very consistent about switching back and forth when referring to the dog and the ball. Any hopes of mama being his first word have effectively been shattered!!! He knows how to throw a ball, with either hand nonetheless. However, he has not figured out that not everything is for throwing. Therefore blocks, balls, books, phones and food all get equal treatment. Opening and closing doors is one of his favorite pastimes. The other night he was playing in his room before bed and shut Indy out. He then opened the door to her pawing and whining and promptly shut it in her face again, laughing each time it happened.

I love this little man

I have to admit that your comments creeped me out a little at first because I didn’t know who you were.

When others commented under aliases, it was obvious (C’mon Kels, ‘taurus lover’?…you might as well have called yourself ‘we’re related because we’re 4th cousins’)! Yours however, o anonymous one, notsomuch!

Now that I know, comment away:)

What a date!

December 7, 2009

Thanks to his uncle, K and I were able to go to the Colts game this past weekend. And thanks to my brother, SIL, and two eager little kids, we were able to do it together, without our little guy.

In many ways it was reminiscent to me of our college years…

two kids in love….check (slightly older but still kids and definitely still in love)

wandering about downtown Indianapolis…check (i love this city)

doing something we’d never done before…check (never a game in the new stadium at least)

doing things we probably shouldn’t have…maybe;) (no coats, freezing temps, 2-foot long icicles…hmmm)

not a care in the world…check

having a great time…check!

Thanks Kelsey for the addition to my wardrobe!

*I pretty much wore the same i’m-so-excited-i-feel-like-a-6-year-old-on-my-birthday grin all day. Because let’s face it, I was at least that excited!!!

27-17…12-0…pretty much says it all.

I loved how the effect on my camera turned out on this picture!