Some Pictures

January 18, 2010

Someday, I’ll write again. That day, however, is not today! Today is for pictures.

Pictures are also a little hard to come by in this house recently because there is absolutely no sitting still and our old-school camera, which takes approximately 12 seconds to actually take a picture, just doesn’t work with sitting still-lessness. Unless of course you like the abstract, blurry, top of the head, only get the nose variety of pictures. I’m all over that.

Showin’ off the teeth! They are so big!!! He’s now up to 6, 4 across the top, 2 on bottom.

He loves his new alphabet toy. He undoubtedly will know A through D…the rest are questionable as he never lets it run past the first few letters.

I had taken his pants off to change him into something else and he got away. I forgot about it and found him later sporting this nice onesie/shoes combo.

I was fighting off the lady-babies with a stick!!