I tend to have post spurts. Kids go through growth spurts and I have post spurts. But, as the title says, that’s just the way it is. I don’t intend to sit down and have 4 posts come out all at one time only to let nearly an entire month pass before the next. Really, I don’t. But, say it with me now, that’s just the way it is 🙂

Hats: take two

March 11, 2010

Little Red Wagon

March 11, 2010

Have no fear, there will be a birthday post!

It just isn’t going to be this one!

However, in related news, B got so many fun things for his birthday which I can’t wait to share (thank you everyone!). One of those things was a wagon. He loves it! And, with the weather having been so nice these past several days it has gotten a test run and more. I’m thinking it just might rack up several miles this summer 🙂

Geeks…a family full

March 11, 2010

K was given a pair of glasses during a presentation he attended. They are intended to simulate how a cataract would affect your vision. Not a funny thing as the view from inside the lens is blurry and lonely. BUT, the view from the outside is awfully funny! So, we did what any loving family would do…we took turns pointing and laughing at one another 🙂

How do we look?

Indy even got in on the action!

1 year ago

March 5, 2010

1 year ago (yesterday if we’re being all technical about it)…

was the highest day on record for this blog! (betcha didn’t think I was going to say that did you?)

Oh, that record exists because that is the very day that B entered our big little world 🙂

I will have much more on his birthday but for now, this is the first photo of him on the morning he turned 1.

It’s blurry and tearful. But it was the first!

Right after that, I took this one….

I love that little boy 🙂

A new skill everyday

March 5, 2010

Goodness, this boy is changin’…

A couple of days ago we had to have a heating and cooling guy (pardon my lack of technical terminology) come to tell us just how bad our current furnace/air conditioner/water heater situation is right now. Please do not misunderstand this to mean that I am in some way not grateful for the warm house we have had all winter, the cool house we had last summer, and the hot showers (okay, I really need to be honest about this one…the occasionally hot warm showers) that we are so very, very blessed to have. We are attempting, however, to be most intelligent with our money and paying for possibly (to be generous I’m sure) 50% efficient appliances is not sounding most intelligent to us at this time. But, we’ll see. Maybe it is!

But, back to the original story. Ugh. So, heating and cooling guy comes and our little white dog (who, by the way, is in dire need of some grooming) begins her typical antics which include, but are not limited to, running around like someone lit her on fire, barking incessantly, turning circles, and whining. In an attempt to decrease the effects of this behavior on my husband’s conversation with heating and cooling guy, we shut her upstairs. It doesn’t stop the barking but the volume is decreased slightly.

B is in his daddy’s arms at this point because I needed to check something very quickly on the computer. Within 2 minutes I hear K say, excuse me for just a minute. He enters the room and hands me our son…

K: You need to take him. He’s barking.

Me: What?

K: He is barking like Indy. I don’t mind holding him but he is barking so loud that I can’t hear the heating and cooling guy.

Me: Okay. (sounding very skeptical)

Fast forward 2 minutes and I have had no luck checking that thing “very quickly” as I have a little boy who desperately wants to hit every key, pull the mouse, and hang on the drawer in hopes of getting Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Song to play for him (thank you grandma) 😉

Me: Can you just take him while I quickly check this?

K: As long as he’s quiet.

Me: I’ll hurry.

Within 30 seconds I hear him. Indeed he was barking.

I laughed out loud and went to rescue my husband and the heating and cooling guy from the pesky little puppy.

For all of you unbelievers….here.

March 5, 2010

We were able to meet up with K’s brother and sister-in-law last weekend in Indianapolis as well as their little guy (I use that term loosely as I think he is on track to be some sort of NFL linebacker or something and growing at a rate to match!) I will tell you though, it will be difficult to intimidate the opposing players with the dimples he has 😉 It was so good to see them all! I was able to get a few pictures of the two of them together. Sometimes I forget that they were born within a year of one another. It is hard to remember that at this point seeing as how fast they grow and change (evidenced by the picture!) I have a feeling they are going to have a lot of fun in years to come growing up so close in age!

Hold the applause!

March 5, 2010

Until you see it, of course. Then, applaud away! Nearly two weeks ago, B started walking. I will tell you it was the most amazing sort of off thing. He had of course stood, and even cruised along furniture, walls, etc. I suppose you could say a step or two had been taken prior to this event but those appeared to be more characteristic of stumbles rather than steps, falling rather than form. But, I will not take that accomplishment away from him as it, too, was a proud moment (and he appeared quite proud of himself at those times as well). However, on this particular day, it was a full-on walk. No.doubt.about.it! He went from questionably stepping right into all-out walking. Well, see for yourself!