I’m not sure this deserves any of my time or attention, but here it is anyway. I just couldn’t pass it up.

I clicked on the link expecting to read the full headline. Something like…”Kids Of Shorter Moms More Likely To Die From Secondary Injuries Sustained While Climbing On Furniture To Reach Elevated Objects.” But, no. Just “Kids Of Shorter Moms More Likely to Die.” Period.

Really, Harvard? This was the best research you could come up with on which to spend your time, energy, and funding.

In related news, research is now being conducted on ways to make moms taller*. Because, you know, that should solve the problem.

*not really. at least not that I know of. i just made it up. carry on.

In writing…

April 20, 2010

I’m a little surprised that I’m able to be writing this today as last night I was certain the world was going to cease to exist. Yep. I know the evidence I’m about to tell you to support my thinking isn’t technically sound but, well…it was almost as sure as certain.

A little background for you first…

I love my husband. We began dating in high school. 14 years old to be exact. It wasn’t a continuous relationship but that’s a different story…the point is we know each other. We have known each other for a long time and over that time have been able to experience the good, the bad, the ugly, the quirky, the vulnerable…everything it seems. And there are a few things I KNOW about him for sure. One of them? K does not like to dance. And by does not like to I mean won’t. Not at prom, not at weddings, not by himself. Not even in the privacy of an empty living room after constant pleading from his puppy-dog-eyed wife. Will.Not.Do.It.

And then there is me. I am a little – how would I say it – crazy. Most of you probably don’t know that because it is privileged information. Or if you would agree that I’m crazy you likely haven’t really experienced it because I’m not that secure. I recognize how weird I am and while a portion of it inevitably seeps out of me in my everyday life, I reserve the flood of this trait for those closest to me. Those I perceive to be stuck with me 🙂 Trust me, the rest of you probably should be thanking me for that!!

So, back to last night. While watching a certain dance show I began talking again about dancing, dropping hints as if it would go anywhere. Apparently I enjoy disappointment because I know from countless attempts in the past that any such suggestion will only be met with resistance and rejection. I did it anyway. And I once again heard the silence. K doesn’t even acknowledge me anymore on this subject. So silence it was.

Until bedtime. I tend to get a burst of energy just before retiring for the night. I don’t know, it just happens. So last night I put my hair up in a high ponytail, and danced my heart out about the bathroom while brushing my teeth. K just stared with a look of “really?’. Sometimes I make it my goal to get him to laugh…smile at the least. I usually succeed if I just persist.

Because I was being a little extra pesky last night I once more approached the subject of dancing before the lights went out.

Me: “I really do think I would like to take dance lessons.”

Me: “But you wouldn’t take them with me and I know that.”

Me: “But I really wouldn’t want to take them with just anyone.”

*Notice how these conversations go. More accurately, it should be considered a monologue.

Me: “I mean, I would probably sign up and they would have to pair me with some weird old guy who also didn’t have a partner.”

Then the silence broke.

K: “Babe, I’ll take dance lessons with you**.”

Me: “WHAT!”

Me: “Really?”

I nearly jumped up and put together a contract right then and there. But, instead I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

Sort of waiting for the world to end 🙂

**So, I strongly believe that this was a desperate attempt to get me to stop talking but, to quote my nephew:

“You said it, you mean it.”

And probably not what you were expecting…if you were expecting some sort of birthday post. Yes, I know I said it was coming…and I still believe that it is! However, I have some sort of block about this birthday post. I have actually started writing it but it is not progressing at any considerable rate. Just letting you know!


I just caught B in Indy’s food bowl. You may be imagining him eating the bite-sized bits of always-delicious dog food…but he wasn’t. Instead, he was taking them out one by one and feeding them to her! After two or three he began to get creative and dunk them in her water bowl first. I may be wrong, but I’m assuming this was purely a result of his desire to play in water and not a request by Indy!