On the verge

July 28, 2010

I’m on the verge of putting together a post that has been rolling around in my head for some time now (and for those wondering it is indeed not the birthday post) but hasn’t ever had quite the right time or words. Who knows, maybe it never will.

But I caught a bit of a show today that made my mind revisit those thoughts. It originally aired on MTV and while I do not recommend you follow my lead and suddenly begin viewing all of the programming they have to offer, it was worth a few minutes of my time today as it resulted in me thanking God. Thanking him for His grace to me, for His gospel, for a life full of blessings, for hope in the midst of trials, for hope of something even greater in the midst of a life full of blessings (ponder that for awhile), for revealing my ugliness, for stirring [an-unnatural-for-my-sinful-self] compassion in me, for caring enough to convict me and discipline me.

So while the show and its message is not without its flaws, it did make me think. In a world that is connected, how connected are we? What am I willing to share/not share about myself, about my life? On my blog. On facebook. On twitter. And why?

And in the part of my life where I interact with people face to face, how often do I extend grace to others….when they are rude, or impatient, or selfish, or arrogant, or incompetent, or just plain mean?

How often do I consider what burdens they might be carrying? (**please note that this is not me advocating that crummy circumstances justify sinful actions – especially in the life of a believer)

It leads me to ponder what applying the gospel I believe in might do in such situations…

And now I hear my little guy waking up from his nap yelling “doh” which is typically his word to Indy to keep her from eating his crackers! Better go investigate as I did not (nor have I ever) sent him to bed with such a snack 🙂

July 12, 2010


not perfect.

not even close.

sometimes ugly. and mean.

far from a perfect reflection of the love displayed by Christ for his His bride.

i’m afraid that has a lot to do with me and my selfish nature.

but so very thankful for the gift that is marriage.

grateful for a God who chooses to reveal Himself and His character to us.

even in ways such as this.

more than pleased that he has allowed me to share all of it with this one.

humbled that our marriage can be used to bring Him glory.

praying that would always be our aim.