A list for today

September 16, 2010

not a to do kinda list so to speak but more a to remember kinda list.

*the smell of the air just after a long-awaited rain. it’s been awhile. and i almost forgot how yummy it is.

*mallows, grahams, and chocolate bars and the excitement that arises in me to know they will soon be met by the flame of some firewood. this coupled with my favorite boy and my favorite man sitting next to me is nearly enough to make me burst.

*speaking of things related to camping (i.e. rain as it does this every time we camp, and smores) i had a memory return to me of a makeshift campsite K set-up for me in our apartment when we were newly married. he rocked his creativity (though he’ll claim there is none present within him) with the tennis shoe fire ring, free paper firewood, and flashlight flame. it was perfect I tell ya.

*bittecka. (occasionally pronounced with a th sound – bithecka – as well). a term of excitement or exclamation of sorts. or anything you want really…well, so much as we can figure! coined by B and used daily. multiple times. for instance, when seeing daddy pull in the driveway “bittecka.” when finding his long lost bunnies after being separated for 10 whole seconds “bittecka.” when he hasn’t voiced anything else for 5 whole seconds “bithecka.” feel free to incorporate it in your own daily vocabulary as you so desire.

*this girl right now. and this dress. and the guy behind her…he’s not so bad himself.

a beauty, that niece of mine. and a gem, too. she tried this dress on (along with several others) without her mommy and daddy present. later she described to them each dress in detail, going on and on about how “so pwetty” each of them were. this turned out to be the favorite dress. and also my favorite description. “a dray dress with peent waves.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

i’ve been watching

September 1, 2010

just waiting for this. i just love the weird and strange of life and recently haven’t been seeing much of it. or maybe i just haven’t been as aware…i better check on that part.

anyway…k and i sent our little guy (who, bytheway, has used his brand spankin’ new potty multiple times in the past two days to complete both the act of peeing and dropping the occasional kid or two off at the pool…hip hip hooray!)  to the football game with his grandparents and we went dating. en route to our destination we came upon a man using arm signals for a left hand turn. his timing perfect. technique impeccable.

doing what he was supposed to…yes.

still incredibly strange…yes.

partly because of the enthusiasm it was done with…absolutely.

did it make my day…without a doubt!!

and now your turn…please do share the weird in your world!