to do some serious shouting from the rooftops?

About what? Well, number one, that God is so merciful and faithful to still love (let alone immensely bless) this mess-up of a girl. Seriously told K the other day that sometimes (read: most days) I wish I could just hit the reset button and start all over again (the day or life…you choose!) in hopes that my words, my actions, my heart might not turn out quite so ugly. Unfortunately, I know it would never work…I would always manage to still mess up – TERRIBLY. Fortunately, simultaneously another thought entered my mind. A whisper, I believe, by my Creator himself. “That’s why HE came.” Ahhh, thank you Jesus. I never could do it myself. No matter how many tries. I never could save myself. No matter how hard I might try. But. He is able to save. No matter how bad I fail. That’s why HE came…to be our salvation, to the glory of God. And praise God I will!

and number two? not nearly as deserving of such loud shouts, but certainly deserving of shouts nonetheless….are you ready for this?

no, really. are you ready?

i don’t think you are…but i’m just going to tell you anyway.

B has spent the last 2 days wearing dry underwear!

I mentioned here that we had introduced the idea of a potty and B was taking to it swimmingly. We continued along that path for several weeks and I was ecstatic when after several weeks it had been just as long since I had changed a dirty diaper. Wet diapers stayed with us but even those decreased as he went more frequently on his potty. Recently I’ve just had a feeling that it was me who was keeping him in diapers. Not because I want him in diapers, I just hadn’t carved out the days and put in the time to get down to business. So, this week was to be the week. Early morning on Monday he slipped on his Elmo underpants and slipped them right back off after his first accident about 2 hours in. This was the trend with the next 5 pairs. Some accidents were big, some small, but by the end of the day it sure had me questioning the decision to go at this so hard.

What really tugged at me (and encouraged me at the same time) is when I ran into the room where B was, asking him what was wrong because he was screaming as if he was hurt. I reached where he was sitting and saw that it was wet. Thinking he had gotten hurt and then had an accident because of it, I asked him again what was wrong. He looked at me, devastation in his face, and sobbed “I pottied, Elmo.” My heart broke. I picked up my heart and him as well and tried to reassure him.

If my heart could have literally broken on Monday, it could have burst with pride yesterday. We modified the method just slightly and I left it to him to tell me when he needed to go. And he did. And we went. And he stayed dry. All. day. long. Yes, even on our outing yesterday to run errands when he told us at our 2nd of 4 stops that he needed to go and there was no restroom available until we got back home so K told him to hold it if he could*. Yes, even then…dry! You better believe he was rewarded for that!!

Yes. And even overnight, he woke up to tell me he had to go potty*. So we went. And he did. And he stayed dry until morning.

And today can be summed up in one word too….DRY.

So if you see me and I look like I’m about to shout about something…it’s probably because I’m remembering one of those two things!


I asked B if I could take a picture of him and his new underpants and he said no! So you'll just have to settle for this one and trust me that it is adorable!


*He was wearing a diaper on this outing just in case…you didn’t think we were that crazy did you?

**Again, wearing a diaper ‘just in case’!


November 5, 2010

Not interesting. Not exciting. Not kidding.

In addition (or so I’ve been told by numerous sources) I can add ‘not up-to-date’ on my list.

I hear ya. Loud and Clear!

So while I’m not promising interesting or exciting…you’re welcome!

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