Oh, Snow!

February 21, 2011

After an attempt last year to play in the snow failed miserably, I was so hoping our little guy (who is not quite so little anymore) would not have a repeat performance, complete with demonstrations of utter hatred of the white stuff that, oddly, warms my heart to see. So we suited up: turtleneck onesie, long-sleeved shirt, pajama pants, socks, lined wind-style pants, moms socks to the armpits (in place of gloves), hat, coat, boots, and 20 minutes and a picture with his terrible lookin mama later, WE WERE OFF!

Indy even joined in on the fun (she LOVES the snow)…can you find her!!!

February 17, 2011

It’s been awhile. A good while. Yes, I know some of you know!

But, really, it has been a good while.

I had been finding myself at times viewing life through the lens and filter of this blog. Rating the experiences, activities, and events of our day based on which would make the cut. And really, that was never the intention, never the purpose, never the plan for this space.

It was intended…well, go back to the beginning if you really want to read my exact words.

If that wasn’t enough, it also was becoming one of the things I feared it would. An ever-looming project. A duty. A check on my to-do list.

And who really wants another check on their to-do list? Actually, if it was one of those things you do and get to check of because you did actually do it, though it was something you would have done anyway…if it was one of those checks, I definitely would not mind. I love those kind of checks. But no, this takes my time. And at the risk of this sounding really lame, this is kind of hard work for me. I am by nature not a good decision maker. Not that I make bad decisions (though I often have), but just that I am terrible at the task of making decisions. It takes me forever to decide what to wear (which is why my wardrobe is plagued by solid colored shirts and jeans), excruciating is the task of determining what will occupy our dinner plates, choosing which words to use and what order to put them in as to convey what I desire and not what I don’t (all the while weighing that my words, typed or otherwise, can either bring glory to God or not)….agonizing. And time consuming.

But I’m refreshed now. It is almost spring and my hope is that just as the earth, beneath the layers (and layers, and layers) of snow and ice, begins to emerge renewed, so will this blog.

Because I do miss it!