April 29, 2011

“I have something to tell you but I don’t want you to be mad.”

“Me too. You first.”

“I didn’t make anything for dinner tonight and I was wondering if we could go out to eat.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah, your turn.”

“I don’t think I’m going to tell you right now.”

“Yes, you said.” (though, really I’m not sure he ever specified the time)

“I’ll tell you, just not now.”

“K” (accompanied by some melodrama I can imagine)

Not to depart from character, I sulked out of the room and left him standing.

I hear his voice perk, excited with a persuasive tone:


You see, he had to be persuasive because he knew I wasn’t going to be excited.

He knew I wanted to go to Florida to see his family and attend his cousin’s wedding.

He knew it.

But he also knew that I would understand that implied in his statement was the fact we were flying to get there.

He knew it.

He knew my fear of flying.

And so he knew I was not going to be excited.

Over the course of the next few days, more and more details were given.

I sucked it up, I prayed about it, I forgave my husband 😉

and the strangest thing began to happen…

I began to get genuinely excited about the trip.

And for good reason. We had a BLAST!

B could not have been more thrilled to be flying in an airplane or to be vacationing with his cousin “NoNo” (Nolan)

He also was quite fond of the “big water” (swimming pool), wearing his “back-a-boy” (basketball: any type of shorts), and getting to chew “dum” during take-off and landing!

I loved being able to spend time with K’s family, extended and otherwise, visit the homes of his family that even he has only been to a time or two, and be the spectator of a beautiful wedding.

The beach was quite nice as well…and to top it all off the weather was phenomenal!

How cute that K and B’s shoes are so similar!


I just have one last thing to say….

Thanks babe!

When Daddy comes home

April 27, 2011

Or something close I think.

I’m half-tempted to sit in the middle of the wet floor and cry. But then I would only have more water to clean up.

Trying to dry out your wet basement in this weather belongs somewhere in Ecclesiastes I think. Vanity of vanities.

You get it dry…and then it gets wet. Or you die. One of the two!

But for those who are wondering…yes, I am still VERY grateful to have a house still standing, the means to clean up, and a husband willing to leave work for a short time to come save me from drowning.


April 26, 2011

Several weeks ago, we woke before the dawn and left for the center of the state. K had a seminar all day and B and I were going to tag along. You see, we had heard talk of fun times to be had at the city’s local science museum and we went to experience it for ourselves.

Ah-mazing. Not even so much the place, although it as pretty fantastic itself. But more the experience.

While his expression in this particular picture doesn't reveal it, he loved this pulley system chair

I was intentional about thinking through what I wanted most from the day. I came to the conclusion that my greatest desire was to really enjoy my time with B that day. To watch him, to see what decisions he made, to soak up the little boy he still is and to be amazed at the not-so-little-boy he has become. To let him choose, to release my own agenda, to play, to ENJOY.

And do you know what happened? I did. Completely. Because he did. Completely.

He explored. He played. He shared. He was kind. He got excited. He obeyed. He showed sincere gratitude.

All decked out in his water world gear!

He was EXHAUSTED! So much so that he literally melted into a pile on the floor as we were making our way to the exit. Not because he was pouting, but because he was just that tired.

B's masterpiece!

I realized that day how often I must miss opportunities to really enjoy, or appreciate, or fill-in-the-blank because I am consumed with my own self, my own agenda, my own desires.

I’m not talking about giving B everything he ever desires.

I’m not advocating allowing a child to run the show.

I’m not claiming it wisdom to throw out all schedules, and structure and whatnot.

But, goodness, it was good for me to see what happens when I set out to enjoy this child we’ve been given, a gift of the LORD.

An unprompted kiss!



Mad. I’m not convinced!


Pause in pictures to play with trains.


A boy and his pup.

Just plain weird!

So you know how I have a love for all things weird? Well, the desire is satisfied each and every day simply by having a 2 year old living under the same roof. Look no further than 2 and a half feet down. Awesome I tell you!