May 23, 2011

Out of curiosity, I traveled through the archives of this ol’ blog and read through all of the posts that never made it past the draft stage. There was one about high school football, a home improvement project, a revelation of my nerdy fondness of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett, and a draft of that ever-elusive birthday post. Hmmm, I suppose those will all have to remain a mystery. Well, all except my feelings about Castle; I guess I just ruined any kind of mystery there. But, back to the thought at hand…maybe some things just weren’t meant to be shared.

But, then again, maybe they were.

There have been numerous other drafts that haven’t even made it to my fingertips. The words join together, form paragraphs even, but then quickly get cataloged away for some other time.

But I was recently challenged with a question by a sweet friend and as I have wrestled through (and continue to wrestle through) the answer I am beginning to understand that some of what squelches my story is not noble at all. It is selfishness, and pride, and shame, and UGLY. It is holding my experience in the spot of sacred when it could be shared to bring glory to the Father through the work of Jesus in my life.

Yet, all the while, discernment has its place. So if I am able to rightly find that balance, I will begin to put words together – to form thoughts – to tell a story – for HIS name’s sake.

In the interim, let me share with you some of my favorite pictures of the past few weeks….

Can you see why I am simultaneously jealous of my neighbor because of her flowers and in love with God because he grows them outside my bedroom window?

Two cute kids (aka: my niece and nephew) waiting for their mama to finish her half-marathon. For the record, she is a machine and she did awesome!

Beautiful. B and his Great-Grandma on Mother's Day. The difference in their age spans nearly 100 years.

B cheering for Daw-Da and LoLo and all of the other runners in the race. In the beginning when the field of runners coming in to the finish was yet slim, he would clap and cheer for each runner then lean in to look for other participants and tell K, "more daddy, yep, more" In related news, he will be running in his first race (a fun run) in July!!