June 25, 2011

i’m staring up at the ceiling, the room dark as can be. i can hear k breathing, but otherwise the world is quiet.


“k, what was that?” “did you hear that?”

“yeah, what was that?”

“i bet b just fell out of bed.”

the rustling of blankets and rattling of bunnies seemed to support my inclination. the lack of crying on top of those noises calmed my now rapidly beating heart. i knew the short fall wasn’t going to physically hurt him (at least not bad), but i ache at the thought of him being scared. grabbing our trusty light, i made my way to his door and peered in through the shadows.

and laughed. b had indeed managed to fall out of bed, but instead of getting back in or even staying put on the floor, he apparently started to get in bed but stopped mid-way. he was standing at the side of his bed, his upper half draped across the sheets, as asleep as one can be in this position.

the very next night….

i’m awakened by a nudge. i peer over to see b next to me and as my eyes adjust i see 3:00 on the clock just past him. k, apparently awakened by the same nudges, asks “did you bring him in here?”

“no. you didn’t?”

apparently, enjoying 3:00 in your own bed is so last week!

this is a recent event but it certainly qualifies. i can see myself giggling about this for a long while to come.

k and i are volunteering at vacation bible school at our church this week. we are in the nursery with the 2 year olds whose parents are volunteering. for a change of scenery, to burn off some energy, and to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having, we ventured outside. to the back of the parking lot we went. as the kids are roaming about, stopping here and there to utilize the sidewalk chalk in their hands, i hear k say, “what is that?” i look down to see something that looked like batting on the ground. i shrug. he asks again, a little louder this time (and honestly, with a bit of panic in his voice) because the crowd had moved a few spots, “what is that?” he pointed to the smallest little boy with us, “it’s coming out of him!” the other volunteers and i looked down and broke into laughter. each step he took, he dropped just a bit more ‘batting’ and each step he took, i came closer to wetting my pants. seeing k’s face made it all so much worse.

as you may have guessed, the poor little guy’s diaper had seen better days and was bursting at the seams.*

i, too, was bursting at the seams.

the tears are yet again in my eyes to prove it!


*strangely, (and in defense of us and the little guy’s mama) i think the diaper literally fell apart and wasn’t so full it exploded. strange, indeed.

B’s made up word names.


Basketball knees: typically pronounced back-ah-baw nee refers to shorts of any kind.

See arm: pronounced just as it looks, though typically with an ahm sound for arm. refers to a short-sleeved shirt of any kind.

and really, doesn’t it make sense?

it does to me. and it definitely makes me giggle!

do you ever have those…the things that make you giggle

sometimes out loud

when you are all by yourself

days or weeks later

how about things that at least make you smile?


i do, too.

so, here goes.

we put b to bed earlier that night and finished packing things up for our trip. the plan was to leave around midnight. two vans, 10 people. women and younger kids in one, men and oldest kid in the other. everyone was situated when we put B in his seat. strict instructions had been given to his cousin to not make a peep; it was time for some serious sleeping. so, 45 minutes into the trip i was surprised to hear rustling coming from the backseat. i peeked into the mirror and through the shadows could see two little sets of eyes peering back at me. i looked away so as to not provoke them. i heard “we’re going on bay-ta-shun” in my niece’s sweet little voice, followed by giggles and squeals from the both of them. my sister-in-law was driving and we made eye contact and laughed. “oh dear,” our eyes rolled, “what are we in for!” minutes later I hear a voice from the back seat



“leebee, pawwty”

i tried to keep a straight face as i turned around and said, “that’s mommy to you.”

and he just giggled.


and so did I!