rear window fun!

July 31, 2011

K (looking at the back window of the SUV in front of us): does that say crack?

L: what?

K: right there. does that say crack?

*pause as we get a little closer*

K: oh…no, that’s grace.


this exchange from the other day made me think of one from several months back.


L (again, looking at the back window of the SUV in front of us): is that supposed to be Jesus?

K: that’s Marilyn Monroe.

L: oh.


at least we’re even now!

I need HeLP!

July 24, 2011

Without going into really boring details, here’s the skinny on my plea:

We (I say we but I am accepting the blame for any failure in this area) used to do a much better job and displayed much better discipline in the way of meal planning. Since moving, it seems, I have lost much of that and the situation has become desperate. Okay, desperate may be a little exaggerated. But, I need HeLP!

I’ve been trying to sort out the ‘what-the-heck-happened’ of it all so that I may better brainstorm ideas for the ‘how’ of changing it but I’m afraid I just don’t know. And at this point, I’m not sure I need to know the why anymore. I just need help to know how!

So, give me your best meal idea, best tip, best method if you will.

There is a girl on the other end who will be very thankful! And her family will be thankful to be eating more variety than 2 meals. Again, maybe slightly exaggerated but…

I’m just kidding…but only barely. Do you see her?¬†

We’re goin’ to the zoo zoo zoo

How about you you you

You can come too too too

We’re goin’ to the zoo zoo zoo

well, actually, we already went. but come along, i’ll show you the zoo in review (i’m too much for even myself sometimes!)


July 16, 2011

Apparently, he approved of the spinach-carrot-strawberry-blueberry-banana-with-a-touch-of-honey smoothie.

You think so, too?


July 15, 2011

Also known as the thing I am begging from you if you are using a blog reader to view this.

No news here, folks, but I’m a little slow.

Therefore, I thought all along that I was tagging my posts when in reality I was categorizing them.



Therefore, today, I set out to correct my mistake and as a result I have filled your reader’s with old posts.


I’ll say it for you.

Disregard them please.

But, if you are compelled to open one, take special notice of the TAGS at the bottom.

Lesson learned.

Next, maybe I ought to take advantage of the Learn WordPress – Tutorials and Walkthroughs link at the bottom of this screen.

Weird: Bike Style

July 13, 2011

Scene 1:

Date night with my main squeeze, cruising through the college town partially abandoned during these summer months on our way to my birthday meal. We’re stopped at a light when a mountain bike approaches from our right. He proceeds to turn right while we prepare to keep straight, putting us both on the same road. K comments on the biker. We then noticed his legs weren’t moving. He wasn’t¬†pedaling. Maybe the road goes downhill? Hmmm, no. But he’s picking up speed. Does he? Really?

Yep. He had a motor on his mountain bike! Little tank between the pedals.

Who does that?


Scene 2:

As B and I were getting situated in the car, two kids passed by on their bikes. Just past our road, they turned around, headed back toward the place from where they came. They soon returned with another added to their number. By the time we pulled out onto the road, there were six in total likely spanning the entire school age. It was quite a refreshing site to see the clan biking happily along. Seeing them all wearing helmets made me even happier…there were a couple bike helmets, a baseball helmet, and a motorcycle helmet. I can just imagine the safety patrol grandma standing back at the house, proud of her work that morning!!!


Scene 3:

Driving home tonight, our way lit by the fullness of the moon. My eyes were heavy, my head resting back against the seat. K calls for my attention…did you see that? I opened my eyes just in time to catch a quick glimpse of the teenage girl finishing her donut on granny’s motorized scooter, two others joined her in the driveway as witnesses!

That’s just plain awesome!