He rode the pony!

August 25, 2011

I didn’t think he would really do it…


but Grandma convinced him to give the pony a try….


and after several laps of death grip on Grandma’s shirt…


he admitted he enjoyed it and even asked to go again!


Now, he’s your everyday cowboy. Or something like that!

Weird: Anniversary style.

August 19, 2011

I was able to join several pretty fun ladies yesterday for a night of talking, giggling, and eating at Panera Bread. It was…YAY!

Thank you K for going alone at watching our LIO* so I could go. You’re my kind of wonderful.


When I got inside last night, I made my way downstairs and sat at the other end of the couch, facing K. He asked how my night was and I told him it was great, but not nearly as fun as our little anniversary date to the same restaurant (by the name St. Louis Bread Co. in Missouri…which is weird, don’t you think?).  Remember…


We decided to keep it low-key. A nice quiet trip to pick up dessert and a warm drink as our anniversary is in the smack-dab middle of winter. So, Bread Co. it was. We pulled in, made our way inside, and found a little table in a quiet section (really, we were some of the only ones in there…the whole place was quiet), and waited for our drinks to cool down. A few other people trickled in and it was becoming apparent a small gathering was about to take place. No biggie.


Until the bagpiper joined the party.

No joke.

He stood right beside our table and played for whatever convention was now gathering in the coffee shop of choice.

And have you ever sat right next to a playing bagpipe?

They’re nice. And LOUD.

And weird.



*Little Injured One…that’s another story for another day.

Trash or Treasure?

August 10, 2011

I’m calling on you to help me decide. While going through some of my old things recently, I came across an envelope. Inside was this:


Seven and a half years ago, I cut our names off of each (well, most…some people just have terrible writing!!) envelope we received at our wedding and placed them all together in a separate envelope. I thought it would be fun at the time to make something with all of these names. However, I’m finding them seven years later…in the same envelope.

So, now it’s time to decide…trash or treasure? Can you think of a fun idea to incorporate all of these names? Have you kept anything for seven years waiting to do something crafty? Yeah, probably not!

It’s dry!

August 9, 2011

This past winter we had snow upon snow upon snow. Followed in the spring by rain upon rain upon rain. It is probably a distant memory now for most as we’ve had minimal amounts of the stuff known as precipitation in the past several months. But, there was a time. And we remember it here in this household because it welcomed itself into our home. I would like to say we were inviting guests but we weren’t. We tried to keep it out, we tried to turn it away, we did not want it. But it came anyway. Over, and over, and over again.

Ah, well. It gave us an excuse (once the waters subsided) to make some changes we had been planning to make at some point anyway.

So, come along. I’m excited to show you the pictures!













This is what the basement looked like when the previous owners lived here. Therefore, this is what it looked like minus all of the furniture when we moved in. Well, the fireplace and the entertainment center stayed behind as well. Still with me?

This view is inside the bedroom shown in the top picture. Orange-toned cabinets built into the entire back wall.


I don’t have many (if any pictures) of our furniture in these rooms. Essentially, we just placed our furniture into the existing setup, no paint changes, no carpet changes, no anything.

Well, not entirely true. Last fall I got the urge to paint so I tried my hand at some stripes on the paneling in the bedroom. I really love how it turned out and thankfully, the water did nothing to require any change to the paint aspect of the room.

But, after the water gave us incentive, we went to town. We ripped up carpet, scraped up peel-and-stick tile floor, tore down molding, disassembled the entertainment center and fireplace, and left ourselves with a room that looked something like this:



Trying to choose colors. In the end we decided to not go quite so dark on the wall color as there is minimal natural light in the room, being a basement and all! I desired to paint the door to the sunroom a bright/bold color but as you’ll see a few pictures down, the reality was it looked terrible! We ended up just painting it white and I’m very pleased with the turnout!





K working hard! 


B helped out quite a bit too! 


Way too bright. And in the end, I didn’t want a door (especially THIS door) to be a focal point in the room.

First view of the new tile. Yay! K and his dad were responsible for laying it while my dad and I made the necessary cuts. So very thankful for our parents. 


The afters:

Bare walls aside, I love everything about this room. The space, the paint, the carpet, the molding, the lack of gigantic entertainment center and fireplace (though we did try really hard to re-position the fireplace before ultimately deciding to part with it). And would you believe it if I told you that those two pieces, along with our television sold at the garage sale we had last week. S-C-O-R-E!!!! 


The computer will (hopefully) eventually find a new home so that the treadmill can live there. But, for now, it remains. The tv trays were supposed to make their way into the garage sale as well but I forgot. Oh well.

Much nicer than the crazy bold/bright blue. 


The bedroom.


Complete with stripes!


And now for a couple of my garage sale steals this summer. Like this wicker stand for $5. 

And this little table and chairs for $10. Just the right size for B!


So, there you have it. A mini tour of our dry basement!




August 7, 2011

The second I laid eyes on it, I loved this photograph. Ominous storm clouds, minutes…maybe seconds…from twisting into a tornado, pierced right in the center by a promise. Ah, life lived with the knowledge (and remembrance) of the faithfulness of God.

photo courtesy: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/snapshots-week-of-june-3-1307133161-slideshow/