Little Injured One

October 5, 2011

I mentioned in this post about B being a little injured one. Yes, it was a long time ago…but, remember?

Strangest thing.

B was being a boy one night as he jumped off the couch. He then took off for the other room but was tripped up a bit along the way by the paws of his doggie love, Maggie (my parent’s dog).  Neither were a big deal. Like, not just not a big deal…they were nothing. But as he returned from the other room seconds later, he was limping. Dramatic limping.

Though I knew that something (likely discomfort) had triggered his altered gait, I was almost certain it didn’t continue because of it. I will confess that my giggles were less than appropriate (insensitive if he really was hurt, encouraging if he was seeking attention). But, I’ve never claimed to be queen of appropriate. As for the insensitive…other than the limp, he expressed no sign of pain. As for the giggles…well, I struggle with such things. And it was REALLY funny!

Fast forward to the next morning. B attempts to get out of bed and cries the moment his leg bears any weight. NOT NORMAL. He also resists his leg straightening fully. This continues throughout the morning and I am extremely concerned. Even pulling out tricks of the trade learned during my pediatric rotation, specifically using play to distract him or trying to trick him into doing things he seemed hesitant to do produced no different results. B was unwavering in his act, reassuring me all the more it wasn’t just an act. I work quickly to get myself ready and take him in to let his Daddy take a look at things. K suggests we get some imaging done and we make him an appointment…breaks had mostly been ruled out but we wanted to make sure we weren’t missing anything, especially in the hips because hip stuff + kids typically equals bad news bears!

B is a champ!!!

Thankfully, the images showed nothing abnormal and B was back to walking by the next morning. He was sooooo happy. He even said, “Look mommy, i can run!”

So, we’re thinking maybe it was a bit of a hyper-extension issue. Either way…we’re glad we’ve survived the first x-ray! And with no broken bones to boot!

Cars lined up in makeshift rows…the pasture transformed into a parking lot. Across the dam, fires burn…these are essential for the fun to be had after the sun goes down.

It’s food and tractors, nature, hay rides, talking trees and blue skies, guns, glowsticks, tents and bows, friends and family…they’re one in the same!

Borrowing words directly from the invitation, it’s a gathering of friends and family in memory of my cousin Rick.

A time to celebrate life, enjoy nature, eat good food, and enjoy family and friends.

And that we do. And it’s one of my favorites.

Well, here, let me show you around…