A stroll down memory lane…

December 20, 2011

So, remember not too long ago when I showed you this picture? It’s the guest bedroom…a part of the basement we worked to get back together after water found it’s way into our basement.

Well, that space currently looks like this:

After water found it’s way back in a couple of weeks ago, we had no other choice. My parents came one morning and helped us strip both this room and our downstairs bathroom. Doesn’t quite have the same feel does it?


On the bright side, we’ll get to start from scratch in the design of this room!

On the less-than-bright side, we have plans to trench out around the majority of our house, repair it, and cover it in pitch during theĀ driestĀ (and most likely hottest) part of the summer this year so as to make SURE we have addressed all water issues! Any volunteers?!

Not only did he pick out his own outfit from shirt to shoes (mind you it was 30 degrees outside), he also struck this pose all on his own when I asked him if I could take a picture.