March 31, 2012

We try to eat well. Our grocery bags are typically full of fruits and veggies because we do ultimately care about what we put in our bodies. But, as with most areas of our life, we also fail. And often. And if I’m honest, I’d tell you that I often even thoroughly enjoy the failures. For instance, having the chance to eat Donut Palace while in St. Louis this week will likely be one of the highlights of my year. (Yes, I may very well be serious!)

That said, let me tell you how exciting it is when while eating at a restaurant your 3 year old requests (knowing full well the typical kid’s menu options of chicken tenders, cheeseburger, and mac n’ cheese) a salad with grilled chicken on top!!

Given the insight of the first paragraph especially, it’s shameful just how much I would love to give all of the credit for that to K and me. And so is the nature of my heart.


Weird: Car style

March 27, 2012

B is observant. Weirdly observant. Especially with cars. He has an uncanny ability to recognize cars as they pass, sometimes as we walk along our neighborhood streets and sometimes as they whiz by on the interstate. It isn’t just recognizing colors, or styles such as a midsize car versus an SUV. No, it’s not even distinguishing between a Toyota and a Honda. This brand new 3 year old, for well over a year now, has been picking out specific makes and models, making distinctions down to the year if it involves any change in body style.

The best part? He has no idea of the actual make, model, or year and yet has never (we have learned not to question as on more than a few occasions have doubted only to be proven wrong*) been wrong. His sorting occurs by people with that car. For instance, his cousin N’s car is a Honda Pilot, Daddy’s new work car a Nissan Maxima, Daddy’s old work car a Grand Am. Last fall we got a Toyota Sienna so often those are sorted as B’s van…unless they are the next oldest body style and then they are categorized differently because some friends of ours have (did have, actually, so this example is no longer accurate!) an older model Sienna.

Weird I tell ya!

So, all of you with boys (young or used to be young), do you have similar stories?


*For instance, driving to K’s office one day B yells out “mamaw/papaw car.” I scan the area quickly so as to not miss it but see no such car. Pulling into the parking lot I’m secretly feeling victorious because he has, it seems, finally been stumped¬†gently breaking the news to B that it seems he was wrong and that he must have mistaken another car for a Toyota Camry. We park around back and head inside, making our way down the hall to K’s office. Walking through his office door I see the front end of a car out the window facing the front of the building. The wheels in my head turn as I piece together the timeline and I ask K, “is that a Camry?”

Right the whole time! And the examples are endless….

His “silly” face

March 25, 2012

These unseasonably warm days have allowed us to spend a lot of time outdoors…playing baseball, riding bikes, taking walks, and hours with friends at the park. One particular day I snatched the camera before heading out and took advantage of the sunshine and a willing subject!

And this is what I got when I asked for a silly face.

Well done, B!

A very important lesson

March 24, 2012

Once upon a time there was a little boy who hadn’t yet learned a very important part of his vocabulary. Here¬†is video evidence of lesson learned!