May 9, 2012

**There is a series of posts that are sitting, waiting to be published. And they have been for quite some time. Every time I get close to them I stop and I run from the blog for a little while. I’ve been trying to determine whether it is the fear of vulnerability keeping me quiet or something else entirely.**



But today? I have a different story entirely.

Last weekend was spent watching thousands of runners accomplishing their goal of 13.1 miles. Some are seasoned runners. Others are clearly out of their comfort zone. However, by the time they get to where we are, all of them have accomplished the goal. All of them finish the race. It is amazing to witness and be able to encourage.








Thousands of runners. Thousands of stories. Thousands of examples of finishing the race. In this instance a physical race, but nonetheless a race.



Dawna and Bryan. (K, Uncle LoLo, and Justin also ran but they were off to shower before pictures were taken!)

Homemade signs

Cousins minus one. This was just before B grabbed Abby’s cheeks and planted a big one on her! Unfortunately, I didn’t get that picture but thankfully K did!


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