Duck Dreams

May 12, 2012

A little voice called out into the dark and within minutes a little body climbed into bed and snuggled between us, mumbling something about thunder.


This morning, K asked me what time the little intruder arrived and I admitted I had no idea.

Me: “He said something about being afraid of the thunder. Did it even rain last night?”

K: “He told me a duck landed on his back”

Me: “A duck? Clearly he was dreaming!”

B walks into the room and begins, with wild animation, to recount his duck tale!


A duck on my back? I’d have been scared too!

Crazy dreams.



One Response to “Duck Dreams”

  1. fromnc2in said

    This made me chuckle. Can’t wait to have a little one that comes and snuggles between Sean and I (Daisy doesn’t count). Love me some Bennett.

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