Weird: Neighborhood Style

September 21, 2012

It was Sunday morning. A normal Sunday morning. We were finishing the final details before walking out the door so as to not be late for church. I hear K talking to B, calling for him to come look at the big dog across the street in our neighbor’s yard. But before B can get to the window to look, K changes his words and changes his tone. “Wait. That’s not a dog. That’s a goat!”

Goat was enough to get my attention! I made my way out to the window just in time for the two of them to step out the front door. Sure enough, a goat. A goat on a leash nonetheless!

It was being held by an older gentleman, accompanied also by a young boy. They were attempting to tie it to the tree in their front yard. The conversation that followed went something like this.

Man (who, by the way, we’ve never seen at this house before. same goes for the boy. a little strange in its own right): “Is this your goat?”

K: “No. It’s not yours?”

Man: “No. We just found it in the yard.”

K: “Ummm.”

Man: “I guess we’ll just have to call the police and let them know it is here. Do you know anyone else around there that has a goat? Do you know where it belongs?”

All of us had made it outside at this point. We were all beyond confused. K and I looked at each other confused but amused at the thought of this goat belonging to one of our neighbors. Our property does back up to a field but we definitely live in a neighborhood, not the kind of place you might find your average goat. So imagine our surprise when the neighbor beside us walks up from the backyard and answers the man across the street.

J (our next door neighbor, a man in his 80’s): “Yeah.”

K and Me to J: “You do?”

J goes on to explain some scenario where one family member needed a goat for a fundraiser, another family member had a goat but had somewhere they needed to be, and their house was chosen to be the storing place for the goat! It had been tied up out back but they looked out the window one time to check on it and it had gotten loose!

And that’s the story of how this guy ended up on our street one fine Sunday morning. Cute little fella, huh?


Weird. I love it!


*For the record, B’s favorite part of the whole morning was when J’s wife walked the goat back to their house but stopped off in front of our place to let him pet the goat first. As B tells it with wild animation in both voice and hands, “the goat peed and pooped right in front of my face!” Only a boy!!!


One Response to “Weird: Neighborhood Style”

  1. nicoleowens said

    clearly i live in the wrong part of town (or, you know, the wrong town entirely). how do you guys get all the fun stuff? 😉 so glad you’re blogging again…i was just praying for your sweet little family this morning. i hope all is well!

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