March 10, 2016


and here are the details!

several years ago after B was born we were faced with the possibility that he may be our only biological child and that God may have other plans for us than the dreams we had always held of birthing many babies and having a large family. there were many challenges and twists and turns and heartaches in those next few years that eventually and surprisingly culminated in J. after learning of the complications and risk involved with that pregnancy and delivery we felt very strongly that God was asking us to surrender those dreams and desires to him and be satisfied with what he had so graciously given. and he provided so much contentment within our family of four. adoption has been a part of our lives in various ways since we were even children but in the last few years, as we have seen first-hand the families of our friends and family change and grow through adoption, and learned more deeply the nature of our own adoption into God’s family through the work of Jesus it has become even more beautiful. the gospel and personal implications of those truths have become something we support and encourage and celebrate and have discussed for our family for several years…and yet we weren’t necessarily sure that meant for us a child in our home, in our lives, growing our family (because it doesn’t always!). but it is something we became increasingly more excited about and felt we were to pursue. and we couldn’t be more excited…we are anxious to meet the newest part of our family!


we have completed everything we can complete at this point and are waiting for our homestudy to be written up and finalized. we have one more meeting with our social worker to clarify a few more details, tie up loose ends, and answer a few more questions. we were told that everything will be finished by the end of April, sooner if she can manage to do so. in the meantime, we can be shown to birthmothers who are expecting but have yet to deliver (and who are set to deliver after our paperwork is finished). however, we cannot be shown to situations where the baby has already been born. surprisingly, most of their situations (70% we were told) are scenarios where the baby has already been born. this statistic shocked us as we were expecting the opposite to be true (that only a few of the situations would be for a child already born and waiting in the hospital). its a good shock…a very good surprise!


while we considered a few routes to adoption we ended up feeling very clear direction that this road was the one we were meant for at this time. this particular scenario will almost certainly be a newborn adoption, where a mother chooses to carry a child and establishes an adoption plan where she has the ability to choose the family. the agency we are working with very strongly encourage openness in adoption and this will be no exception. through friends who have walked the road ahead of us we know the challenge that openness might bring (we can all agree that life and relationships are messy, right?!) and yet we also see the overwhelming blessing of knowing and engaging despite it. for birthmother. for us. for this child.


we are excited. and nervous. and unknowing. but we have seen God work in the ways he does to display his power, and his care, and his timing…over and over and over again. and we know he can be trusted!