Road Trip!

April 11, 2012

Their family vacation plans fell through and so my sister in law asked if we would like to join them for a road trip out to St. Louis. We would stay with my sister and brother in law for a day or two and then spend a couple of nights at our ol’ faithful hotel, the Drury Plaza in Chesterfield. (Is it sad that we are so fond of this place? Yes? Well, sad it is then!) It seemed at first as though K would be able to go with, but after a little more consideration it appeared best if he stayed home and worked as well. It was at this point I almost backed out. You see, I’m not much good without my husband. And I like him. Though we were leaving mid-day on Tuesday and arriving home early evening on Saturday, it was the longest we’ve ever been apart. And I nearly backed out.*

But, I didn’t.

And we went. We saw. We made some great memories. We had a grand time. We were exhausted!

Tuesday was spent driving. And driving. And stopping. And driving. 8.5-9 hours after B and I left our driveway, we were there! Wednesday was spent exploring Washington, MO with a picnic lunch by the river, throwing rocks in the water, and window shopping with the kiddos. Grilled burgers and hot dogs, salad, deviled eggs, and homemade salsa filled our tummies that night.

Thursday was a great day for the St. Louis Zoo! And apparently a great day to walk! Between parking a mile away (we thought we were much closer to an entrance than we actually were…oops!), leaving our food in the car to go back for at lunch (done before we knew we parked a mile away!), and enjoying as many animals as our little legs would take us to…our bodies definitely racked up some mileage!

Friday may have been my favorite day. It included a trip to see both the people and the place of my old office which made me all sorts of happy. A pit stop past Donut Palace…enough said, really! Lunch at Qdoba. A packed afternoon at the Magic House followed by Coldstone Creamery. Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty good day. Oh, and lest I forget, my sister and brother in law also went to the trouble of getting Tucker’s wings that night…a big deal when they don’t offer takeout!

There was swimming and bubble baths, eating and talking, giggling, and yelling, memories and so much fun!

The trip home went swimmingly, well, apart from that incident where B got in his just-turned-2-year-old cousins face and told her she was a bad girl for going potty in her pants and then continued (later in the car) to scold her for the same and let her know all of the things she was not allowed to do because of it….”no screaming, no louding, no basketball game, no playing, no gassing (he may have been influenced by our pitstop for gas), no eating ice cream, no talking on the phone…”

And now, for photographic evidence!

Trying out the new Strider Bike…a birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa!

Waving to the train!

Rock hunting and throwing.

The making of a coordinated jump!

Look Ma, no hands!



B was the master of disguise at the Magic House, as seen in the numerous pictures below! 




*For the record, I had a great time. But I still think it would have been better with K along for the ride!

do you ever have those…the things that make you giggle

sometimes out loud

when you are all by yourself

days or weeks later

how about things that at least make you smile?


i do, too.

so, here goes.

we put b to bed earlier that night and finished packing things up for our trip. the plan was to leave around midnight. two vans, 10 people. women and younger kids in one, men and oldest kid in the other. everyone was situated when we put B in his seat. strict instructions had been given to his cousin to not make a peep; it was time for some serious sleeping. so, 45 minutes into the trip i was surprised to hear rustling coming from the backseat. i peeked into the mirror and through the shadows could see two little sets of eyes peering back at me. i looked away so as to not provoke them. i heard “we’re going on bay-ta-shun” in my niece’s sweet little voice, followed by giggles and squeals from the both of them. my sister-in-law was driving and we made eye contact and laughed. “oh dear,” our eyes rolled, “what are we in for!” minutes later I hear a voice from the back seat



“leebee, pawwty”

i tried to keep a straight face as i turned around and said, “that’s mommy to you.”

and he just giggled.


and so did I!



April 29, 2011

“I have something to tell you but I don’t want you to be mad.”

“Me too. You first.”

“I didn’t make anything for dinner tonight and I was wondering if we could go out to eat.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah, your turn.”

“I don’t think I’m going to tell you right now.”

“Yes, you said.” (though, really I’m not sure he ever specified the time)

“I’ll tell you, just not now.”

“K” (accompanied by some melodrama I can imagine)

Not to depart from character, I sulked out of the room and left him standing.

I hear his voice perk, excited with a persuasive tone:


You see, he had to be persuasive because he knew I wasn’t going to be excited.

He knew I wanted to go to Florida to see his family and attend his cousin’s wedding.

He knew it.

But he also knew that I would understand that implied in his statement was the fact we were flying to get there.

He knew it.

He knew my fear of flying.

And so he knew I was not going to be excited.

Over the course of the next few days, more and more details were given.

I sucked it up, I prayed about it, I forgave my husband 😉

and the strangest thing began to happen…

I began to get genuinely excited about the trip.

And for good reason. We had a BLAST!

B could not have been more thrilled to be flying in an airplane or to be vacationing with his cousin “NoNo” (Nolan)

He also was quite fond of the “big water” (swimming pool), wearing his “back-a-boy” (basketball: any type of shorts), and getting to chew “dum” during take-off and landing!

I loved being able to spend time with K’s family, extended and otherwise, visit the homes of his family that even he has only been to a time or two, and be the spectator of a beautiful wedding.

The beach was quite nice as well…and to top it all off the weather was phenomenal!

How cute that K and B’s shoes are so similar!


I just have one last thing to say….

Thanks babe!

Way Up In The Sky…

July 16, 2008

It was like the spreading of a sickness, like the common cold of neck extension and wonderment was crawling through this small town. We were just outside Kansas City, making our way from the center of town, where the fair was taking place and where we had just indulged in a fried potato thingamabob and fresh squeezed jumbo lemonade, to our seats up on a hill for the much anticipated fireworks display. One by one people all around us began standing to their feet, shielding their eyes from the still present sun, and looking to the sky. Suddenly it seemed it had gotten to everyone. We stopped and did the same as our curiosity was overwhelming our desire to continue walking. Up in the sky? A plane.

But the story doesn’t end there. Apparently what everyone else had picked up on already was that three people had just jumped out of that plane and were now on their way back to Earth. So everyone watched intently as the three parachuted people floated their way down to solid ground. We lost sight of them after they dipped below the tree line but we are assuming they made it to their destination safely. Here is my very sorry attempt to capture them in pictures!!

Goin’ to Kansas City

July 12, 2008

Actually, we’ve already been there, done that, and had a good time.

We headed out of town sans Indy on the eve of our nation’s birthday and 4 car-ride hours later we arrived at our hotel. A wee bit scary initially to be completely honest as we arrived on the 22nd floor to find some, to be nice, aged carpet, a straight hallway with wooden doors flush with the walls which resembled more of the motel variety and increased the creepy factor for me by a notch. Topping it off, ours was the room at the very end of the hallway by the 22nd floor air conditioner and across from the maintenance room. All of this mixed with the fact that this was a once “luxury” hotel (as all of the current literature still raves) screamed horror movie to me…or maybe that was just the paranoia again. Alas, the door opened and we stepped through the arctic air to find a room that was genuinely nice when enjoyed with my very strict rule of no touching of the floor with any of our persons or possessions apart from the bottoms of our shoes. We took in the view from our window which included an ever-changing light display and when we found our perfect sleep numbers we called it a night.

Happy Birthday America! To celebrate we visited Union Station and the World War 1 memorial. Throw in some fountains, cows, trains, and top it off with some fireworks and you’ve got a glimpse of our great day.

We marched up to the front door, gave it a few good knocks, and waited. The innkeeper Rachel answered, brought us inside and showed us around to the kitchen, the enclosed porch with wicker furniture and a swing for two, the living room, dining room where evening snacks were being served, and the wooden deck with black iron tables, red umbrellas, and a fireplace with a waterfall. Our room, which might be amusing to some of you and which surprised us as we had booked this so long ago we had forgotten, was rightfully named:

As the day was wearing away, we took a quick walk to a nearby park and found our seats for the show. Our luck, this was the final weekend for the local Shakespeare festival and the production of Othello was getting ready to start. It was great!!! Unfortunately, I brought no bug spray and my fear of waking up with welts won out and we left at intermission. Well, that and the fact that we knew fresh-baked cookies were awaiting us back at the inn. A warm oatmeal chocolate chip approximately 1 inch thick…well worth it!!

A very warm morning walk to snap a couple of photos with the giant shuttlecocks, one last fountain, and one very active bird of prey and we were on our way home after a beautiful weekend.

And we’re off…

April 30, 2008

We booked our very first vacation last weekend. It’s kind of a mini trip; a three-day weekend over my birthday and we’re excited. We figured it has been over four years since we planned our honeymoon and therefore it was indeed time. It’s not that we haven’t been anywhere…we’ve shared some great times with great people and loved every bit of Branson and Silver Dollar City, the cabin, Magnet along the river, camping in several parks, and sightseeing/doing things in this here city we live in…but we haven’t had a vacation so to speak. Which makes me wonder…what makes a trip a vacation? I just asked K and he couldn’t come up with an answer. And neither can I.