Duck Dreams

May 12, 2012

A little voice called out into the dark and within minutes a little body climbed into bed and snuggled between us, mumbling something about thunder.


This morning, K asked me what time the little intruder arrived and I admitted I had no idea.

Me: “He said something about being afraid of the thunder. Did it even rain last night?”

K: “He told me a duck landed on his back”

Me: “A duck? Clearly he was dreaming!”

B walks into the room and begins, with wild animation, to recount his duck tale!


A duck on my back? I’d have been scared too!

Crazy dreams.


Weird: Car style

March 27, 2012

B is observant. Weirdly observant. Especially with cars. He has an uncanny ability to recognize cars as they pass, sometimes as we walk along our neighborhood streets and sometimes as they whiz by on the interstate. It isn’t just recognizing colors, or styles such as a midsize car versus an SUV. No, it’s not even distinguishing between a Toyota and a Honda. This brand new 3 year old, for well over a year now, has been picking out specific makes and models, making distinctions down to the year if it involves any change in body style.

The best part? He has no idea of the actual make, model, or year and yet has never (we have learned not to question as on more than a few occasions have doubted only to be proven wrong*) been wrong. His sorting occurs by people with that car. For instance, his cousin N’s car is a Honda Pilot, Daddy’s new work car a Nissan Maxima, Daddy’s old work car a Grand Am. Last fall we got a Toyota Sienna so often those are sorted as B’s van…unless they are the next oldest body style and then they are categorized differently because some friends of ours have (did have, actually, so this example is no longer accurate!) an older model Sienna.

Weird I tell ya!

So, all of you with boys (young or used to be young), do you have similar stories?


*For instance, driving to K’s office one day B yells out “mamaw/papaw car.” I scan the area quickly so as to not miss it but see no such car. Pulling into the parking lot I’m secretly feeling victorious because he has, it seems, finally been stumped gently breaking the news to B that it seems he was wrong and that he must have mistaken another car for a Toyota Camry. We park around back and head inside, making our way down the hall to K’s office. Walking through his office door I see the front end of a car out the window facing the front of the building. The wheels in my head turn as I piece together the timeline and I ask K, “is that a Camry?”

Right the whole time! And the examples are endless….

A very important lesson

March 24, 2012

Once upon a time there was a little boy who hadn’t yet learned a very important part of his vocabulary. Here is video evidence of lesson learned!

January 26, 2012

Without prompting presently or in the past, B has told me everyday for the past few days (without fail) that he wants a baby brother.

{insert broken heart}

Not to leave his request without solution he then told me

“mommy, we probby buy one at the store!”


B’s made up word names.


Basketball knees: typically pronounced back-ah-baw nee refers to shorts of any kind.

See arm: pronounced just as it looks, though typically with an ahm sound for arm. refers to a short-sleeved shirt of any kind.

and really, doesn’t it make sense?

it does to me. and it definitely makes me giggle!

do you ever have those…the things that make you giggle

sometimes out loud

when you are all by yourself

days or weeks later

how about things that at least make you smile?


i do, too.

so, here goes.

we put b to bed earlier that night and finished packing things up for our trip. the plan was to leave around midnight. two vans, 10 people. women and younger kids in one, men and oldest kid in the other. everyone was situated when we put B in his seat. strict instructions had been given to his cousin to not make a peep; it was time for some serious sleeping. so, 45 minutes into the trip i was surprised to hear rustling coming from the backseat. i peeked into the mirror and through the shadows could see two little sets of eyes peering back at me. i looked away so as to not provoke them. i heard “we’re going on bay-ta-shun” in my niece’s sweet little voice, followed by giggles and squeals from the both of them. my sister-in-law was driving and we made eye contact and laughed. “oh dear,” our eyes rolled, “what are we in for!” minutes later I hear a voice from the back seat



“leebee, pawwty”

i tried to keep a straight face as i turned around and said, “that’s mommy to you.”

and he just giggled.


and so did I!



April 29, 2011

“I have something to tell you but I don’t want you to be mad.”

“Me too. You first.”

“I didn’t make anything for dinner tonight and I was wondering if we could go out to eat.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah, your turn.”

“I don’t think I’m going to tell you right now.”

“Yes, you said.” (though, really I’m not sure he ever specified the time)

“I’ll tell you, just not now.”

“K” (accompanied by some melodrama I can imagine)

Not to depart from character, I sulked out of the room and left him standing.

I hear his voice perk, excited with a persuasive tone:


You see, he had to be persuasive because he knew I wasn’t going to be excited.

He knew I wanted to go to Florida to see his family and attend his cousin’s wedding.

He knew it.

But he also knew that I would understand that implied in his statement was the fact we were flying to get there.

He knew it.

He knew my fear of flying.

And so he knew I was not going to be excited.

Over the course of the next few days, more and more details were given.

I sucked it up, I prayed about it, I forgave my husband 😉

and the strangest thing began to happen…

I began to get genuinely excited about the trip.

And for good reason. We had a BLAST!

B could not have been more thrilled to be flying in an airplane or to be vacationing with his cousin “NoNo” (Nolan)

He also was quite fond of the “big water” (swimming pool), wearing his “back-a-boy” (basketball: any type of shorts), and getting to chew “dum” during take-off and landing!

I loved being able to spend time with K’s family, extended and otherwise, visit the homes of his family that even he has only been to a time or two, and be the spectator of a beautiful wedding.

The beach was quite nice as well…and to top it all off the weather was phenomenal!

How cute that K and B’s shoes are so similar!


I just have one last thing to say….

Thanks babe!

A list for today

September 16, 2010

not a to do kinda list so to speak but more a to remember kinda list.

*the smell of the air just after a long-awaited rain. it’s been awhile. and i almost forgot how yummy it is.

*mallows, grahams, and chocolate bars and the excitement that arises in me to know they will soon be met by the flame of some firewood. this coupled with my favorite boy and my favorite man sitting next to me is nearly enough to make me burst.

*speaking of things related to camping (i.e. rain as it does this every time we camp, and smores) i had a memory return to me of a makeshift campsite K set-up for me in our apartment when we were newly married. he rocked his creativity (though he’ll claim there is none present within him) with the tennis shoe fire ring, free paper firewood, and flashlight flame. it was perfect I tell ya.

*bittecka. (occasionally pronounced with a th sound – bithecka – as well). a term of excitement or exclamation of sorts. or anything you want really…well, so much as we can figure! coined by B and used daily. multiple times. for instance, when seeing daddy pull in the driveway “bittecka.” when finding his long lost bunnies after being separated for 10 whole seconds “bittecka.” when he hasn’t voiced anything else for 5 whole seconds “bithecka.” feel free to incorporate it in your own daily vocabulary as you so desire.

*this girl right now. and this dress. and the guy behind her…he’s not so bad himself.

a beauty, that niece of mine. and a gem, too. she tried this dress on (along with several others) without her mommy and daddy present. later she described to them each dress in detail, going on and on about how “so pwetty” each of them were. this turned out to be the favorite dress. and also my favorite description. “a dray dress with peent waves.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!